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Dear Light Friends

We announced this Prayer Storm in May 2022 where many people worldwide participated. It had been called out by Litios Co-Founders Antje Kyria Deva. 

However, for this particular Prayer Storm, we receive very much positive feedback and discovered a number of people and groups continued doing this meditation after the actual 3 days of the Prayer Storm were over.

This Prayer Storm is quite powerful and timeless. Therefore we make it available for anyone to download the MP3 and do this meditation any time throughout the year.

The original post is below.






This May 25-28, we invite everyone to participate in a

Litios worldwide 3-day Prayer Storm

"The Christ Light in All Souls"

May 25, 6pm EDT - May 28, 6pm EDT, 2022


This prayer storm is a highly effective meditation cycle for the earth, in which hundreds of people are already participating. Be a part of this community of hearts. The collective power of our group is immense!

Our intention: A Prayer Storm of love for the whole Earth

We are calling you again to join us in this worldwide effective meditation, to have a continuous 72 hours of praying and meditation round the clock for global peace and harmony. Your participation is important!
You choose a 1 hour time slot and do the prayers and meditations for 1 hour for each of the 3 days, preferably at the same hour but not mandatory.

We know: Everything is energy and energy is changeable!
That is why we want to initiate the change into the light together with Archangels, Ascended Masters, Light and Star Brothers and Sisters, light devas and the highest light powers.

In the meditation, you will

"Receive the Golden Grace of Christ"

Avatar Diamond Golden 1 soft edges  

This Prayer storm is especially potent during these days where the Christ Consciousness is very present.

During this time, we will accompany the worldwide wishes of peace from the hearts of the people.


Jesus speaks about this Prayer Storm:

 "The Enlightened Ones in Christ, all those who have ascended in the Christ consciousness, give you their flow of grace. They transform all your aspects of suffering into the Golden Light of Christ.

You can pass this on to humanity and the Earth. You are the Light Human of the New Age, of the Golden Age! Be active, meditate with us and bring the light-filled change.

In this powerful heart-centre community of light, the change into the light occurs!"


 Firestorm 2021.12.21 description box v2


 This is a new link as of Saturday !

Download dropbox v2


During the Prayer Storm, there is an opportunity for you to include your personal prayers and requests for yourself, your family, friends, business, or global topics such as world peace.

Our collective light and power is a gift to the Earth.

The MP3 includes:

  • Opening prayer for light protection
  • Receive the Golden Grace of Christ
  • Requests: The Christ Light in All Cells
  • Firestorm: The Activation of the Golden Age
  • The Light Sword of Archangel Michael Activates our Chakras
  • The Healing Power of Mother Mary

If you do join and download the files, we would ask you to let us know and which time you are planning to join with a quick email to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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