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Litios Light Crystals and Light Diamonds
are a new Spiritual Light Technology, which are  directly channelled and manifested by Lightlord Metatron. They support you in your soul's evolution, for illuminated high spiritual beings enter your aura and guide you in your next steps of your spiritual, mental and emotional development.

We will tell the fascinating story of how the Litios Founders, Antje and Edwin Eisele from Germany, were tasked by the Archangels to create these high vibrating light tools.

We will highlight a selection of some popular and versatile Light Crystals and Light Diamonds, including practical uses and inspiring stories, guaranteed to keep you curious.

We will give an overview of the Metatron Diamond Light Priest/ess Training which is our most intensive training and includes 4 levels:

  • Level 1: Activating your Unified Chakra System and the Crystalline Light Body (more details below)
  • Level 2&3: Awakening to your Light Body through Liberation of Karma, Activation of your Higher Light Channels and Activation your Merkaba
  • Level 4: The Presence of the Avatars and Initiation as Diamond Light Priest and Light Priestess
Through meditations, practical work and partner exercise, and direct guidance by Archangels, Ascended Masters and our Star Brothers and Sister, you can clear lifetimes of blockages, interfering energies and manipulations which will lead to a higher light consciousness and quantum leaps in your spiritual evolution and awakening your Light Body.
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How to Activate your Light Body
with Light Crystals and the Guidance of High Spiritual Beings

Free Online event on Zoom

Thursday, October 12th, 2023
7.30pm – 9.30pm EDT, Eastern Time (Toronto, New York)

with Peter and Ursula Schnell
Spiritual Teachers, Seminar Leaders, Diamond Light Priest and Light Priestess, Intuitive Energy Workers, Litios Practitioners and Trainers.


Registration link for the zoom meeting
(same link as for the Monday evening meditations)

Invite your friends to join this informative and inspiring evening.



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