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Spiritual Healing with the Archangels - Part 2

Experience a Training like being in 7th Heaven

Spiritual Healing with the Archangels - in 3 Parts

Part 1 - May 3-5, 2024
Part 2 - July 5-7, 2024 (new date)
Part 3 - Fall, 2024 (t.b.d.)

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 4 Archangels per seminar

In this intensive Archangel Training, you will experience a powerful increase in your light and love frequency. The Archangels will accompany, guide and support you throughout the training.

In each part of the seminar, four Archangels will introduce themselves personally. You will receive intensive heart contact with each individual Archangel.

You will experience how the Archangels raise you into their light vibration and transfer their powers and qualities to you.

You will learn how to transmit the light and healing frequencies of the Archangels to the physical level and thus help other people.

You will learn how to meditate most effectively with the Archangels, cleanse your aura and release negativity in the process.

This training offers one of the most intensive immersions into the 12 Archangels that you will come across. Participants from a retreat seminar last June spoke of experiencing each of the Archangels as if they were standing right in their room and far exceeded their expectations. Afterwards they all experienced so much lightness and a special flow in their lives.



AA Michael quote 2


What you learn and experience in this training

  • The Archangels unite with you and ignite their flaming archangel heart in your heart.
  • The Archangels form a fire circle of love around you.
  • They ignite their all-purifying, liberating cosmic fire of love in you.
  • They open the portal for you into their archangel light realms and light dimensions.
  • They raise your light vibration and activate the quantum leap in your light consciousness.
  • The Archangels transfer their individual powers, healing frequencies, talents and abilities to you
  • They heal and reactivate your multidimensional light body and your 12-strand genesis codes
  • The Archangels come with their heavenly hosts, which are thousands of angels from their archangel choir.
  • With the power of light and the healing frequencies of the Archangels, you can easily resolve your own issues and help other people too
  • You can also work on a higher level for humanity and the Earth


You will encounter these 4 Archangels in the Part 2 of the Training:

4x AA Part 2 

  engelSeminar Times:

antje edwin 2013 s

PeterUrsula Schnell square 1500x1500

Date Fri-Sun July 5-7, 2024
Time Friday      1-7pm EST
Saturday 10-7pm EST
Sunday   10-5pm EST


Antje and Edwin Eisele (video replay)
Ursula and Peter Schnell (live translation)



C$665 (incl. taxes, handouts & MP3 meditations)
(new reduced price)



  • Part 1 Spiritual Healing with Archangels
  • Level 1 Light Priest/ess Training
  • Internet device with quality webcam, speakers and microphone, where you can join over "Zoom".
    (Access link for the zoom meeting will be sent by email after the registration)
  • Agreeing to the Litios Seminar Waiver


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Part 1 - more information

Part 3 - more information


AA Michael quote 2



Archangel Heart SetArchangel circle 1

The Archangels of the Twelve Divine Colour Rays

Experience the presence of the 12 Holy Archangels of the Divine Colour Rays in this new set of 12 Archangel Hearts. 

Each Archangel Heart embodies the unique gifts, attributes and colour ray of that Archangel. 

The Archangel Hearts open the portal for you into their archangel light realms and light dimensions and form a fire circle of love around you. They ignite their all-purifying, liberating cosmic fire of love in you so that you are completely protected and enveloped by their love and healing frequencies.

They are ideal to have for the Litios Training "Spiritual Healing with the Archangels" to allow you to experience the Archangels on an even deeper level.

Find more info about the spiritual potential of the Archangel Heart Set on the website from Litios Light Crystals




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