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Goddess Seminar - Overview

The Goddess Within you Awakens

Heal and Liberate the Divine Feminine Within You


A Goddess Seminar like you have never experienced it !

The intensity, love, wisdom and divine presence of the Goddesses plus the clear, divine channelling of Antje Eisele bringing the Goddesses in will make this an unforgetable event, for both woman and men.


Regardless of whether man or woman, all people carry feminine aspects in them. You often were not able to freely live your feminine divinity. In past lives and in this present life, your feminine aspects was often suppressed, debased and stamped into the ground.

However, the time has come for you to live your full power.

The Goddesses will help you in this seminar to enter into the depths of your being so that you can radiate anew!

You will be liberated from old attachments, eg. karmic wounds to your femininity, manipulation, dependency or emotional patterns. Together with the Goddesses, you will be able to transform these low vibrating energies in the seminar.

Allow yourself to be embraced by Mother Mary, Goddess Shakti, Lady Sanada (Lady Nada) and other Goddesses and take in new power!

Feel the transformation in your chakras in the Light of the Goddesses!
Through this, find the courage to follow your own heart's path!


Goddess Venus:

As I am called the embodiment of the feminine, I place this force of attraction within you so that you can activate and radiate it.

Goddess Shakti:

The small ego goes through an inner transformation. Lay it to rest, let it go!
Let the old veils fall, so that my purest divine Goddess love embraces you and inspires you anew into this transcendence, this primordial power!

engelTraining Duration: 2 days

engelCurrent Dates:

Barrie, ON: Fri-Sat Sept 22-23, 2018
   with the Litios Founders Edwin and Antje Eisele. 
   more info here


engelIntention of the Training

The enlightened lady masters awaken the divine potential within you

Awaken in the diamond circle of the Goddesses

Linger in the Temple of the Goddesses for a whole seminar - wonderful and diamond

engelSeminar Content

  • Goddess Venus and Archangel Metatron: The Mystery of the Feminine and the Goddess Energy
  • Lady Sanada (Lady Nada): The Queen returns to her thrown: resolving the debasement and degradation of woman
  • Goddess Isis: The Diamond Temple in your Sacral Chakra: resolving misuse, activating your own creation powers and harmonizing the subtle energies in your sexual organs
  • Goddess Shakti: The transcendence and renewal of your being
  • Mother Mary: healing you birth and consecration as a Priestess of Mary
  • Lady Rowena: The courage to follow your own heart's path
  • Special attributes and the potential of the Goddesses: Discover which Goddess can help you to step into your own Goddess energy and power!
  • Receive the consecration of your life cycles through the Goddesses!
  • Experience the initiation into the Light Diamonds: the diamond egg of the Goddesses – "Creation Temple of the Goddesses"
  • For woman: The Goddess in you awakens!
  • For men: discover, experience and integrate your feminine aspects!
  • Partner exercises and meditations to activate you Goddess potential with different Goddesses and Ascended Lady Masters





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