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Ashtar Seminar - live online
Sat-Sun May 9-10

Adonai Ashtar Activates your Star Light Consciousness

Star Light Portals open up in Your Light Body


We are very delighted to announce the first international online seminar in English, French and Spanish on May 9-10 with the Litios Founders from Germany

Angel Medium Antje Kyria Deva and Edwin Eisele.

We currently find ourselves in a time of great change and innumerable light beings wish to stand at our side with their help. They are participating in the "Earth's Ascension" mission, especially the illuminated Star Brothers and Sisters.


This seminar is ideal for you, if…

  • you wish to get to know and feel your illuminated Star Brothers and Sisters from heart to heart
  • you wish to do something in these turbulent times: find your inner silence, strength and composure through the Star Brothers and Sisters and ask for their advice.
  • you wish to further develop your light body and significantly raise your light vibration
  • You wish to luminously act on behalf of humanity and the Earth.


What you will experience:

  • You will receive valuable, spiritual tips for your work together with the Light Brothers and Sisters of the Stars.
  • Intensive meditations and deep heart contact with your Star Brothers and Sisters.
  • An initiation meditation into the Golden Ashtar Pendant with Adonai Ashtar.

Seminar Content

  • Illuminated Star Brothers and Sisters introduce themselves and establish the heart contact to you: Adonai Ashtar, Valiant Thor from Venus, Solaris from the Pleiadis, Alairon from Alcyone, Soltec
  • Experience the liberation of your entire light body from blockages and negative extraterrestrial energies
  • Valiant Thor and the threefold Fire Ring of God
  • The photon ring of the Pleiades and the leap in consciousness within you and on the Earth
  • The higher light consciousness of the Star Brothers and Sisters and what they wish to give you
  • Intensive Meditations
  • The Star Brothers and Sisters activate their expanded star light consciousness in your entire light body
  • Golden solar ships lower themselves in your aura and raise your light consciousness

Seminar Description

We humans are not alone in this universe! Thousands surround the Earth and wish to be able to come in direct contact with humanity just as it was in past times. Experience now the liberating contact to the star beings through deep meditations! With great joy they will enter your aura and give you the radiant light of the suns and stars from where they come from. Feel how they speak to you in your heart.

You will learn much about the different Light Brothers and Sisters of the Stars and discover them from heart to heart, e.g. Ashtar and Valiant Thor. In the process, they will explain to you how they stand at your side and how they will support you in practise, e.g. in your daily life, in the healing of your light body and in your higher light work for humanity.

With this contact to your Star Brothers and Sisters, you will go forth in great light presence – strengthened and radiant.

engelSeminar Leaders:

antje edwin 2013 s


PeterUrsula Schnell square 1500x1500

Sat-Sun May 9-10, 2020
Time 10am – 2pm EST (Toronto, New York)
7am – 11am PST (Vancouver, Los Angeles)


Antje and Edwin Eisele - Litios Founders
Ursula and Peter Schnell (translation)

Languages: Simultaneous translation into English, French and Spanish
Under this link you will also find more info about the technical pre-requisites.


144€  (PayPal, Visa, MC) 

Pre-requisite: There are no pre-requisites necessary.
Everyone who feels spoken to is welcome to join! 

BONUS: You will receive the seminar documentation which
will allow you to independently repeat the seminar content.


Under this link you will also find more info about the technical pre-requisites.



Recommended Light Crystals and Light Diamonds for the seminar.

Available online:

Ashtar Pendants 2x


Ashtar Sphere Tag


You can of course use all the Light Crystals that you already have, especially the Angel's Gate and the Merkaba Sphere or the Photon Sun Wheel.

Words from Adonai Ashtar:

"We welcome our brothers and sisters of Earth's humanity into in ranks of our Intergalactic Star Brothers and Sisters, our space brother and sisterhood.

We help you in your development. That is why we lower our energy onto the Earth, touch earthly soil and open you, activate the light body process on all levels, for we are so close to you. We are truly your Star Brothers and Sisters, your Light Brothers and Sisters.

Open yourself up to the spirit of the New Age. Open your hearts and you will know: We are here."

Channelled by Angel Medium Kyria Deva

We hope many of you are able to join this wonderful seminar, which is initiated by our Star Brothers and Star Sisters.




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