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The Quantum Leap - 1-day seminar, Waterloo, ON
Saturday, Nov 5, 2022

Click here to register on-line

The Quantum Leap 

A Day of Transformation for your Life Issues


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  • Are you ready to take the next step in your life?
  • Do you want to take an honest look at yourself and your life and make a change?
  • Are you going through a change and reorientation?
  • Are you going through a difficult phase in one area of your life?


Then this seminar is ideal for you.

Register today and save your seat!


Take this opportunity, especially when you live in the Waterloo/Kitchener/Cambridge/Guelph area. However, Brantford, Hamilton, London and also Toronto are within an hour. We can assist in car-pooling.


During the seminar, you will have the opportunity to transform the most important areas of your life. These are, for example - your family - your finances - spiritual evolution - relationships with other people - inner calling - profession and workplace - body and health.

In a personality test, you will create your individual transformation board to realize a desired energetic state in your life areas. Light helpers such as angels and Ascended Masters support you in mastering your personal issues and manifesting your visions in a luminous way. 

Changes in life often seem to be connected with a lot of effort and resistance. But with light beings such as angels and Ascended Masters, you have faithful friends and strong helpers at your side who will help you overcome any obstacle.

The aim of this seminar is the energetic transformation of your most important areas of life. When you are freed from old burdens and full of new energy, you can make a quantum leap in your consciousness!

Also the transformation of your chakras - energetic cleansing, harmonization and raising of vibration - is a significant aspect of this seminar. When your chakras are cleansed and filled with light energy, they give you all the energy you need to say goodbye to old and burdensome things, allow change into your life and to start something new.



  engelSeminar Content

  • The natural energy flow of creation
  • What are Chakras? Experience the cleansing and illumination of your chakras in meditations
  • Take the personality test on your areas of life: Find out whether your areas of life are burdened or unburdened and which are receiving energy.
  • Light up the areas of your life that are particularly important to you with the personal transformation board.
  • Experience the transformation and mastery of your life areas with the help of angels, Ascended Masters, your Higher Self and other light beings.
  • Litios Light Crystals and Light Diamonds: Tips for practical use in your personal quantum leap
  • Feel the violet flame of transformation of St. Germain within you




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Date Saturday, November 5, 2022
Time 10:00am - 5:00pm EST


Ursula and Peter Schnell

Location Waterloo Brain Connection, 185 Frobisher Dr., Waterloo, Ontario

$170 includes tax and seminar folder
etransfer to contact@Litios preferred, also PayPal
Pre-requisites: None


Click here to register on-line


Note - participants of the seminar can join the Evening Lecture and Meditation on Friday November 5th free of charge


engelWords from Archangel Metatron

"I activate the crystalline light consciousness of the New Age within you. Just open your heart chakra and welcome the crystal angels that enter through this gateway into your plane, into your dimension, and feel the contact being created."

channelled by Angel Medium Kyria Deva"


  engelExperience transformation and upgrades in key areas of your life through the angelic helpers and transformational Light Crystals

 This 1-day seminar that you gift to yourself can give you the creative boost you need right now in your life. It brings you the light and inspiration, when the days outside are getting shorter and darker.



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