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The Metatron Light School is a unique Light School. It differentiates itself in that it was channelled over many years directly from higher light dimensions. Goddesses, Ascended Masters, Archangels, Seraphims, the Elohim, and other loving Beings of Light are all equally your direct teachers. The initiators and patrons are Lightlord Metatron, High Priest Melchizedek and Lord Sananda. The content is conceived to allow you to easily and clearly implement and integrate it into your daily life.

The Metatron Light School offers different modules which you can select individually, eg. the Diamond Light Priest Training as an intensive Module. Other modules include Metatron Merkaba Activation, Channelling Training, Goddess Seminar, Manifestation with Metatron, etc.


engel Metatron Diamond Light Priest Training - read
engel Litios 1 - Light Crystals and the Crystalline Light Body - read
engel Litios 2 - Light Crystals and the Crystalline Light Temple - read
engel House Harmonization and Earth Healing Seminar - read
engel Metatron Merkaba Activation - read
engel Crystalline Light Body Intensive - read
engel Channeling Seminar - read
engel Manifest Your True Heart's Desires 1-day - read
engel Manifestation and Abundance 2-day - read
engel Goddess Seminar – The Goddess Awakes - read
 Ascension into the Solar Light Consciousness - read

engel Litios Light Diamonds – The Light of the Avatars - read
engel Dowsing with a Pendulum and Angels Seminar - read
engel Metatron Light University - read


Who is Lightlord Metatron, after which the Metatron Light School is named ?


Metatron is the initiator of the Metatron Light School and introduces himself in a channelling:

I am the Lightlord of the Origin. I am the first Angel that stands before the Throne. Coming out of the Primordial Light, I connect all beings once again with the Source. I ignite in you the "I AM light from true light" and renew all light structures, the sacred geometry of the light bodies. I raise your light vibration on all levels and activate the quantum leap of evolution in you.

He speaks in regards to the Diamond Light Priest Training:

Beloved ones, this is Metatron the Radiant One and with great joy from my heart I welcome you in the dimension of absolute light of the higher, divine light spheres in which we exist and operate.

When just one of you manages to connect with the Source, then that one connects the entire system with the Source. That is why you are key portals of ascension here on this Earth – lively, transforming key portals that enable us to directly engage and to download and stream in the higher resolutions of the World Councils, the Galactic Confederation and the Light Council of Ain Soph through you as key portals in the consciousness field of humanity, the consciousness continuum. In this way we are able to intervene on your level, in your daily life as well as in the entire consciousness field of humanity.

This only works through each one of you personally as a key portal, since we are dealing with your free will which is to remain intact and is holy. It requires the agreement from each one of you as
incarnated conscious beings. Hence each and every one of you is a key portal of light, the higher light consciousness, that flows in ever stronger.



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