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"Incredible products and far superior to average products on the market"

"The most divine crystals that I have come across"

"Members of the Toronto Dowsers acknowledge that they have a very powerful nurturing aura whose effects are tangible and whose beneficial changes that they catalyze within us are noticeable." 
     Marilyn Gang, founder Toronto Dowsers.

NEW - Video Testimonials. From participants completing the Metatron Diamond Light Priest Training.


The Merkaba of Ascension

clear clear silver 3I got to experience the Litios crystals last November 2012. In around April or May of last year I was in a position to have a part in determining the location of the Litios Light Crystals booth at the Whole Life Expo 2012 in Toronto last November at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. From the very beginning, in May or so of 2012, when Peter approached me to inquire about space for the Expo, I connected strongly with the words of the channeling in the Gate of Ascension:
"The energy of this Gate of Ascension is merging with you and opening you, you will be a receptacle for the highest energies. You are merging with the pristine energy of this gate and you will be a gate yourself, a channel for the energies of ascension"
This was describing what had been the direction of my healing work through Zen Shiatsu therapy for the last several years.
So for many months, those words kept resonating in my mind until finally in November when the show begun I approached the booth in reverent silence. There were many distractions so I came back many times to verify my impression later. There was a chair set up under a Litios Crystal Merkaba configuration. As I sat there the sensation I received was one of boundless calm power spreading as a wave over me and the entire hall. I felt overtaken and immersed by it. It was unmistakeable. My tears would swell in recognition. I directed several of my friends to sit in that chair and they all felt this. One person became very emotional and cried. I can equate it with the sensation of being in a small boat or canoe in the middle of a large and deep body of water. One feels it. Only here it is more subtle and indescribable. I must say that because of the impending approach of the Winter solstice of Dec 21, 2012, with all of the end of the Mayan era expectations and with the great and unique cosmic alignments taking place at that time, my sensitivity to ascension energy was at a peak, so I was already open to surrender to the experience. Also, I had been exposed to Angelic Reiki and to Archangel Metatron before. He is the Divine entity responsible for bringing the Litios Light technology to us at this time. So my rational mind was already less of an obstacle as it might have been. The infusion of divine knowledge in my life has always followed a predictable path of first subtly breaking down my left brain objection by acts of impossible serendipity, such as unrelated people describing a similar experience when sitting in that chair. Throughout the weekend of the Whole Life Expo many exhibitors, without even knowing about the Litios booth, expressed there was a different and amazing energy at the show that November 2012. They could not define it they said, but it was almost palpable. I ended up going home with the Ascension Gate crystal, and have given it a home in my healing space for Zen Shiatsu treatments since then. This was my way of taking some of that energy home and marking the occasion of a time of transformation on Earth. I use The Gate daily in my meditation work and have come to really appreciate the difference it makes in my focus for the opening of my Heart, Third Eye and Crown Chakras.
   Daniel Pikelin, Toronto
   Corazon Shiatsu
   Zen Shiatsu therapist
   Whole Life Expo client care



The Merkaba Sphere

merkabakugel_08I have been meditating for decades now and have from time to time used crystals with my meditation. There is something very unique about these crystals. I found that I became focused in a meditative state more quickly and more effortlessly and the experience in the meditation was much more “vivid.” The intensity of the experience seems to correlate to how open you are to the energy and I am starting to get the impression that there is no ceiling to the amount of energy that can be channeled through these crystals.

   W.B., Toronto


Evolutionary Wand

Evostab_labyrinth3_230dpiShiminicas Rogation Centre is a special farm near Amherst, NS where farmer/dowser Charles Hubbard has created a living classroom on his farm. For over 5 years Charles has integrated ancient energy systems to grow food that is rich in energy and abundant in growth. Energy systems include labyrinth, earth energy circles and naturally occurring energy lines. In mid spring the Evolutionary Wand was installed in the center of the labyrinth. Since then I have visited the farm many times and have seen the evolution of the labyrinth take place. Immediately, the energy field of the labyrinth began to strengthen and become more dense/apparent, seeming to weave together in an organized fashion all the surrounding energies including cosmic connections. In the weeks that followed the farm energy systems began to respond to the energy forming and growing outward in the labyrinth. As all the systems were already linked together with energy lines, the respond from the other parts of the farm was not a surprise; these energy connections allow the energy from the labyrinth to spread out easily to the different elements (human, spirit, animal, soil, plants) of the farm. I would say that the Evolutionary Wand has supported a significant shift and rise in vibration in an already high vibrating environment where even the sky is not a limit!.

   Malkiel on behalf of Charles Hubbard


First Encounter with Litios - The Angel's Gate

engelstor01Several weeks before encountering the Litios Crystals for the first time, my spiritual guidance had shown me a symbol in one of my early morning meditations and requested that I write it down on paper. I was given additional information that this symbol was important for my next spiritual steps. 3 weeks later, a friend of mine who was at a Wellness Expo handed me the Litios flyer and when I saw the Litios Angel logo, I recognized this was exactly the symbol that I had written down.

I participated in the Litios Introduction 1-day seminar shortly thereafter and it was a very powerful experience for me. The meditations together with the Light Crystals and all the Angels and Masters that they bring with them were very intense and inspiring. The last Merkaba meditation at the end of the seminar was the most power meditation that I had done, so much energy and such a high and loving vibration. I have also done the Merkaba Activation Seminar which was an even higher level of energy and opening, I experienced the Kundalini energy going up and down my body.

Experiencing the crystals, they appeared to seem almost alive and gave me feelings and glimpses as if they were slits in the fabric of my mind, opening to moments of clarity as to why and what is truth, in the mysteries of my life, answering my many questions, wonder of wonders.

I have the large Angel's Gate in my room and is always there when I meditate. I can whole heartedly recommend the Litios Light Crystals and the work of Ursula and Peter.

   Patricia Marie, NS
   Author of "Love Letters from God".



Dolphin Pendant Mini


I purchased this medallion for a female feral cat who had camped out in my back yard all winter long and finally decided to come in. I already had two male cats. Somehow Shubie (female) had managed to live and avoid conflict some how, and I discovered once trying to introduce her into the family, she likely survived as she is a scrapper, willing to take on anyone and be the aggressor before any indication from another cat. The integration became very stressful for all of us very quickly, and began to go sour. I had to keep cats separate. I decided to try the dolphin and put it in an elastic thread so she could take it off if she didn't want it. As an energy worker and professional animal communicator I had some hope but had no notion how well it would work. In the days and weeks that followed wearing the medallion over Shubie's heart centre, I quickly began to see how her soul began to re-integrate into her body. She moved from survival mode to parasympathetic living. Hissing lessened, and communication between the animals began. It is such a wonder to see her play daily on her own, learn to accept play from her fellow felines, and just recently to see her and the oldest (the greatest stressed relationship) sleep back to back! I continue to see the dolphin energy heal her as I look into her eyes and see a wonderful sweetness that reveals her essence. Thank you Litios for this product.
   Malkiel, NS, energy worker and professional animal communicator


Testimonials about the Light Priest Training

"Thank you Ursula and Peter for introducing the first Diamond Light Priest Training to Canada. What a beautiful weekend of personal growth and transformation! I love the straightforward process of using discernment to choose the best crystals to resolve blocks then calling on crystal angels and ascended masters via meditation for assistance to bring about resolution. The light crystals create a loving, peaceful and safe space to allow deep issues to surface and be released with grace. It was beautiful how the sun shone through after a weekend of turbulent weather at the close of the weekend workshop. The angels must be smiling at us!"
   Angela Shim, April 2013

"In the Light Priest Training, we learnt how to work with our own aura and those of others to discover any issues in our chakras and energy bodies, and then use the Litios Light Crystals in our meditations and bring in the angels to help release those issues to become clearer and radiant. After the seminar, I felt lighter, more peaceful, calm, blissful, heavenly."
    John Andrew Saranchuk, May 2013

"The Light Priest Training 1 was absolutely revitalizing and empowering, so much that I feel like a new person. The rewards are endless because they keep coming. I would highly recommend all their courses. Together we can bring love and light to our world."
    Candi, May 2013

 "I would like to Thank Peter and Ursula Schnell of Litios Light Crystals Canada for holding the recent Litios Metatron Diamond Priest training in Moncton and allowing us to experience the Light Crystals of the New Age...!
I feel so Blessed to be apart of the magnificent energies and the union of my new Light brothers and sisters.
This feeling I have after attending the weekends training can only be explained as having an elevated soul, heightened intuition as well as cleared and aligned energy system! I am revelling in my new state of Blissfully yet Energized calmness and can not wait to share the Light Crystals energy and healing abilities with others.
Thank you again Peter and Ursula for sharing this amazing weekend of crystal energy and training with me. I can confidently say it has transformed my Life and given me the tools to help others transform and heal their lives.
I am very excited about participating in the upcoming level 2 & 3 training with you, the founders and the crystal energies. I can not wait to experience the healing and growth provided by the Crystals of the New Age!
Love & Light"
    Michael Henrichs, June 2013



I met Ursula and Peter Schnell about 2 years ago at a Wellness Expo. I came upon their table and was drawn to this beautiful energy that I had never quite felt before. This is when I purchased my first of many Litios Light Crystals. Recently I visited their stand again at a Wellness Expo and when we started to talk about the course called Metatron Diamond Light Priest Training, this great big emotion came over me and it was like I knew I had to do this. Words cannot describe how this course has overwhelmed me with such gratitude and love. I have never felt such love and acceptance radiating from so deep within and also at the same time from such a higher consciousness. People are put in our paths of life for reasons unknown, so when I walked into theirs little did I know that it would be so profound. Words cannot describe this 3 day course that I just finished with Ursula and Peter, they are truly beings of light.
Thank you, Thank you for giving me this gift of awakening to my higher self..........
    Bea Carter, Nov 2013, NS



Karen_2I felt completely different after the Litios training in Moncton (November, 2013). I felt so light as if many burdens had been removed from me. I was now comfortable with myself in a way I had never felt before. I also felt more connected to others and more loving towards myself and others. I asked an artist friend, Tracy Hinschen (intuitive artist, Halifax), to draw my soul portrait as she had done 2 such portraits previously for me. The pictures sent to Litios is a validation for me that something truly extraordinary has happened!
Karen Mombourquette (Mystic Parties and Readings), Dec 2014, Halifax, NS



The Part 1 of the Litios Light Priest Training was amazing, mind opening and powerful. I found it liberating with ease of the techniques and powerful in the energy shared via all the angel's, high priests, light brothers and sisters and God's mighty essence. I felt the shifts in my energy during and afterwards, while also hearing it as feedback from some of my intuitive friends. It was such a gift to have experienced this first workshop. I am looking forward to experiencing the other training opportunities!
I think the most change I have seen after the weekend was the feeling of relief and that something was missing in my usual self, in a good way! I have felt in me an ease to face situations and conversation I would have felt more difficult with in the past.
Daniel LeBlanc, Dec 2013, NB



"Hello Ursula and Peter and greetings to all
The seminar was a chance to formally integrate the spiritual connections I had already been working with for several years. Since then I have been particularly affected by practicing the Unified Heart Chakra. Once when holding the Melchizedek wand I was instantly drawn in to the meeting of the Alpha and Omega at the Heart and flew as a ball of fire. It was me but at the same time it was pure love. This condensed Love went to each of the members of my family and washed them with Love. Then I found myself at Fukushima and the same thing happened only this time my light seemed to ignite from behind by a superior light 1000 times brighter and together the whole area was awashed in healing light, as it surely needs it.
At another time holding the Ashtar sphere I felt a powerful being of light was in front of me and then I felt what I can only describe as a "download" into the left brain. The energy went right into the central nervous system and reached into its furthest branches, like lightning.
I have also been deeply touched by the meditation that involves using the Sword of Michael. It is a great tool to clean and clear any spiritual debris in the aura or the chakras.
Thank you to Peter, Ursula, to the Litios founders, for bringing the Litios Light technologies back to us. It is my deepest intention that Atlantis will be reborn in its purest form."
     Daniel Pikelin, Dec 2013, Toronto, ON



TESTIMONIALS from Participants completing the full Light Priest Training (Part 3) in July 2014.


2014.07 Part 3 Group Foto

"The experience has been incredible and it's hard to put in words. I've been definitively waiting for this all my life. I feel all of the burdens have been lifted and have been elevated to just another level of being, to joy and bliss right now. It's the fastest, most efficient method that I have experienced, the speed is incredible."
     Mary Judith Sullivan, Markham, ON  

"When I started this amazing journey, my whole life was reinvented - I got a new job, a new relationship, I began bringing more abundance and wealth into my life, it has been very phenomenal. Through this level 3 training, I went even further, I let go of many restraints that were holding me back that I had put on myself, so it was worth it for even that simple gift."
     Shannon Edgett, Moncton, NB

"Litios Light Crystals changed my entire life. I have been able to integrate all the tools and the practitioner training in my work as a body worker and a therapist and take it to a higher level. I would highly recommend this program to anyone interested in expanding to higher level, working with more subtle, higher energies and just having access to this higher help."
     Angela Greco, Toronto, ON

"The Litios Light Priest Training is something that words cannot describe, it must be experienced – it's grounding, uplifting, peaceful and energizing and no other words can really describe and do justice to it, you just have come and live it for yourself."
     Frederick Soucy, Moncton, NB

"It was an amazing experience, I've been so enlightened and freed from things that I didn't know were holding me down."
     Beatrice Carter, Moncton, NB

"It's beautiful work, all the work that I have been doing with wonderful people over many, many years, I would want to say this is the lightest, easiest, most beautiful work I have ever encountered. I would love to see everybody doing this. "
     Meredith Kerrigan, Richmond Hill, ON




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