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Raise your Vibration for the Transition into the Light

with the Photo Sun Wheel

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Are there times when you sometimes feel discouraged or sad about all that is happening in the world right now? Allow the Photon Sun Wheel to help you to transform the things inside you that pull you down. Let go of them now and let your inner light shine instead!

Discover the following in the article:

  • Strengthen the Energy Flow in your Aura
  • Use the Photon Sun Wheel as an Amplifier for more Courage and Self-confidence
  • Small Meditation Exercise: The Photon Sun Wheel lifts you into the purest Divine Radiant Power

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Create Light Portals

as Power Points in Nature 

 Elf Sphere landscape 1 

What is an Earth Healing?

An Earth Healing is the energetic harmonization of a place in nature. This can be your private garden, a meadow, a forest clearing or any other place in nature.

You can carry out Earth Healings with the Litios Light Crystals and bring about a lasting energetic harmonization of the respective place and the wider environment.

Learn in the article among other things:

  * The benefits of Earth Healing in your own garden.
  * How to proceed step by step with Earth Healing
  * Which Litios light crystals are perfect for Earth Healing
  * How you can experience an Earth Healing live

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