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engel Introduction from Litios Co-Founder Antje "Kyria Deva" Eisele


Channelling or spiritual messages from the spiritual world has always occurred throughout time. Even the prophets in the Old Testament were directly guided. The New Testament refers to it in the Pentacost occurrence. The Holy Bernadette of Lourdes hat visions and received messages from Mother Mary for all of humanity. Jeanne D'Arc stated that she was guided "through voices" by Archangel Michael and three holy woman...

Channelling means to establish a channel to spiritual Beings in order to act as their medium. It should of course be a channel for the highest Light Beings, for example angels, Archangels, Seraphims, Ascended Master. Only you, dear reader, can decide and feel with your heart how pure such a channel is – the answer lies within you.

Even now at the beginning of the New Age many people who are medially sensitive have had their channel opened. When this happens, it is often accompanied by clear signs. My "channel",  or better said my Heart Connection, was opened in January 2003 by Jesus Christ himself and with such great love, that I am deeply moved every time I talk about it.

After that, our life plan unfolded at an incredible pace which we fulfil in great joy and love. We are directly guided by the Master of the Heart, Jesus Christ, who has chosen us as pupils, as well as by Archangel Metatron El Shaddai the Radiant one and the Seraphims of God. Yes, many Masters and Angels have contacted us and spoken through us.

We were shown our lives as Atlantean and Lemurian Crystal Masters and are allowed to take on this role again in service for the whole of Creation, for the time has come again...

These Channellings are to give you an insight to this heavenly guidance, since all Light Brothers and Sisters - including you - should profit from this.

In love and light – serving the Light – Antje "Kyria Deva"


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