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Dr. Ursula and Peter Schnell



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Ursula and Peter Schnell
Litios Representatives Canada & USA 

Barrie (Toronto), Ontario, Canada

Cell: 416 523 7728
Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



ursula square DSC1234 1500x1500born in Germany

Since a young age I was sensitive to subtle energies and the thoughts of others. After working as a biologist for some time, I followed my inner calling to train in a variety of alternative approaches including Reiki, Sanjeevini Healing, Light Body Training, Kinesiology, Feng Shui, Kundalini Yoga (Certified teacher), Creativ-Power mind training, Matrix Energetics, as well as regularly attending numerous seminars and workshops throughout the years.
I am in regular contact with my guides and angels and this has been intensified with the Litios Light Crystals, strengthening my intuition.


peter square DSC1782 1500x1500born in Toronto, Canada.

For the majority of my career, I have worked in the telecommunications industry. I have been interested in spiritual things since I was young and have been driven to find the truth of how it all works. In my spare time, I have worked extensively with crystals and energy, have trained with Marcel Vogel & Co. and over many years have built precision transformational devices using Quartz Crystals. I have also trained in Shiatsu, Kundalini Yoga, Creativ-Power and Matrix Energetics as well as regularly attending numerous seminars throughout the years.


In 2007, we discovered the Litios Light Crystals and they have accompanied and supported us ever since. They have accelerated our spiritual growth and have intensified our connection to the higher light dimensions and to the Angels, both in our meditations as well as in daily life. It has been a joy to observe how others, who we brought in contact with the Litios Light Crystals, have experienced real, positive changes in their lives as well.

In 2011, we committed to bring the Litios Light Crystals for the first time to Canada.
Our vision is to do our part to heal the earth and raise her energies through the Litios Crystal Energies and according to the Divine Plan.

We will assist all those that are open to bringing transformation into their lives and we invite you to experience for yourself the gift, the clarity and the intensity of the Litios Light Crystals to support you.

We will be travelling throughout Canada regularly to promote the work with Litios Light Crystals. We have trained extensively with Edwin and Antje Eisele, founders of the Litios Light Crystals, in numerous seminars and are certified Litios Light Crystal Practitioners. We will be passing on our knowledge through lectures, trade shows, seminars, consultation and sessions.



  • Re-establishing your divine connection to Self and the Angelic Realms
  • Aura and chakra balancing and harmonisation
  • Releasing of blocks and external influences in the energy flow
  • Harmonisation and energizing of house, work spaces, landscape and waterways
  • Meditations, lectures and workshops with the Litios Light Crystals
  • Presentation, consultation and marketing of Litios Light Crystals




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