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Metatron Diamond Light Priest/ess Training - Overview

Light Body Activation and Harmonization in the Crystalline Light of the New Age
with Lightlord Metatron and the Ascended Masters

Training Duration: 3 + 4 + 3 days

 engelCurrent Dates:

Metatron Diamond Light Priest*ess Training Level 1 - May 5-7, 2023, in-person, Innisfil, Ontario (Greater Toronto Area)
Metatron Diamond Light Priest*ess Training Level 1 - (May 20-24, 2023), ONLINE >>> POSTPONED - new date to be announced shortly

Metatron Diamond Light Priest*ess Training Level 2 - September 20-23, 2023, in-person, Innisfil, Ontario (Greater Toronto Area)
Metatron Diamond Light Priest*ess Training Level 2 - October 2023, (t.b.d.), ONLINE

Metatron Diamond Light Priest*ess Training Level 3 - with the Litios Founders


For this series, we are offering both in-person seminars and online seminars for Level 1 and Level 2.

Both versions are powerful and comprehensive. Many people prefer the in-person experience.

The in-person seminar benefits include: Availability of all Light Crystals and Light Diamonds, all meditations are live holding Light Crystals, demos and partner exercises are live, socializing with other participants.

The online seminar benefits include: convenience of your home if you live far away, partner exercises over zoom breakout rooms. In 2021-2022, the majority of the participants were online and it was very successful.


All Levels of the Light Priest*ess Training are being expanded and updated to reflect the new frequencies and shift in consciousness for the New Earth. More info about Level 2 and 3 will come soon.


engelIntention of the Training

The Metatron Diamond Light Priest*ess Training is an exceptional seminar series which participants have described as life changing, inspiring and empowering.

The Litios Founders received the full training through Archangel Metatron and the Ascended Masters over the years and they have built these into the Light Priest*ess Training in compact form. Its brilliant step-by-step method activates your higher light consciousness and your true life plan for the Golden New Age.

Practical exercises and powerful clearings and meditations together with the highly energized Litios Light Crystals bring you to a new level of awareness, clarity and consciousness.

You will be given a crystal clear technique in form of the Intuitive Light Body Reading, to evaluate the state of the chakras and energy bodies intuitively and be able to harmonize them.

You will learn to ascertain who or what is blocking you up to now and is hindering you to go into your own power. Once you are freed and independent of old manipulations, then advancements in your life become quickly visible.

Angels and Ascended Masters work directly in your Light Bodies and accompany you. This reactivates and expands your talents and abilities. You yourself will experience this transformation and cleansing throughout the seminar.

It is the wish of Lightlord Metatron that all completing this training will receive the same initiations and activations from the Light and Star Brothers and Sisters that the Litios founders themselves received.

Lightlord Metatron: "It is time to unfold your true Light Potential and pass it on to the Earth".


engelLightlord Metatron wishes, that you

  • step into your true divine potential
  • learn to activate and stabilize the higher light consciousness anytime
  • can consciously manifest your divine presence, your master presence
  • clearly follow your divine life's path, your heart's path
  • live your true light power on this earth
  • communicate, ie. learn to channel so that you can contact the angels, the Light and Star Brothers and Sisters and your own spiritual guidance at any time.

engelTraining Content Summary

  • Litios Light Crystals and Light Diamonds of the New Age
  • Crystal energy in Lemuria and Atlantis
  • The Crystalline Light Body
  • Harmonization and energizing living and work spaces
  • Earth healing and water harmonization
  • Karma transformation and releasing with deep meditations
  • The spiritual evolution of humanity and the ascension process
  • Working with Archangels and Ascended Masters
  • Medial evaluation of the aura and energy bodies and their harmonization
  • Medial evaluation of the 7 main chakras & the higher chakras including their harmonization
  • Connecting to your Higher Self
  • Redeeming and transforming programs in the matrix
  • The Divine Matrix – the key of Metatron
  • Activating the Merkaba, the Diamond Light Vehicle
  • Activation of the individual channel and channelling basics
  • Initiations by Light Lord Metatron, High Priest Melchizedek, Lord Maitreya, Lord Krishna, Lord Sananda, Mother Mary, Adonai Ashtar and the Ascended Masters of the Universal White Brotherhood, Archangels and Seraphims.
  • Initiation in the Diamond Energy of the Avatars
  • Initiation as Diamond Light Priest*ess
  • Many practical exercises and partner exercises 

engelTraining of Content in Detail


Level 1 - Activating the Unified Heart Chakra –and the Crystalline Light Body

  • Crystal Energy in Atlantis – the Gate to Atlantis
  • The Gate to Lemuria – El Morya and the High Priests of Lemuria
  • Going into the heart – the Unified Heart Chakra System
  • The main chakra system – the energy bodies
  • Procedures for aura harmonization
  • Releasing – redeeming/transforming – illuminating
  • Resolving blocks and programs in the energy of the New Age
  • Crystal energy in the aura
  • Initiation with the Melchisedek Wand – freeing of black magic energy
  • Initiation with the Evolutionary Wand – the crystalline light channel
  • The Flower of Life – activating the diving matrix in the chakras and energy bodies
  • Contact to Adonai Ashtar and the Star Brothers and Sisters
  • Clearing and releasing negative extra-terrestrial energies and manipulations
  • Meditations, initiations and channellings with Archangels and Ascended Masters

Level 2 - Liberation of Karma of Thousands of Years and Opening of the Higher Channels.

  • Initiation and portal openings through Lightlord Metatron, High Priest Melchizedek and Lord Sananda
  • Perceiving the Higher Chakras – cleansing, transformation, illumination, returning to the divine source
  • The Unified Heart Chakras is expanded
  • Activation of the Golden Flow of the Universe for abundance, prosperity and fortune.
  • The portal of ascension and the Grace of Lord Sananda
  • Resolving programming and karma in the energy of the New Age
  • The Crystalline Consciousness of the New Age
  • Intensifying the connection to the Higher Self and the Master Level
  • The Crystalline Light Temple – creating a Light Temple in your home
  • Energy in harmony in physical spaces – detecting sources of interference and harmonizing your spaces and surroundings
  • Earth Healing and Water activation
  • Activating your Merkaba with the Star Brothers and Sisters on all levels: the expansion of your radiant light presence.
  • The Diamond Light Vehicle
  • Meditations, initiations and channellings with Archangels and Ascended Masters and Lady Masters
  • Many practical partner exercises and applications

Level 3 – Diamond Light Priest*ess Initiation – Initiation in the diamond frequency of the Avatars

  • Initiations and opening of gates with Lightlord Metatron, High Priest Melchisedek and Lord Sananda.
  • Earth Chakras, Higher Chakras and the extended Chakra System – stabilizing and alignment.
  • Activating the golden flow of the Universe – manifesting with Metatron
  • The frequency of the Avatars and Goddesses of Eternity – the Diamond Frequency
  • The Great White Brotherhood and the Avatar Diamond Set
  • The Higher Self – integration of the illuminated aspects
  • Initiation to Diamond Light Priest*ess – the diamond temple
  • Handing over of a personal Light Diamond
  • Introduction to channelling, channelling exercises
  • Meditations, initiations and channellings with Lightlord Metatron, High Priest Melchisedek, Lord Sananda, the Archangels, Ascended Masters, Star Brothers and Sisters, Goddesses and Light Devas.
  • Many practical partner exercises and applications

At the end of the training (Part 3) you will receive a Certificate.


engelWelcome Channelling from Metatron – Diamond Light Priest Training Part 3, July 2014

Beloved ones, this is Metatron the Radiant One. Together with the Ascended and Enlightened Ones throughout all time and dimensions, the Choir of Angels, and countless illuminated beings from your personal light family, I enter this time and space to initiate the Light Priest*ess Training. We enter into the here and now in this Light Temple that we have erected for the next days. The light of this Light Temple should continue to accompany you into your golden future.

At the beginning of this training I wish to pose the following question:
What does it mean to be a Light Priest*ess?

It means: To be an ambassador on Earth for the highest light, an authorized representative appointed with divine powers of authority in order to act here on this earth, to open portals, undertake blessings,
liberate humanity, release the old and the things of the past that you no longer need, to step forward and pave the way for humanity here on Earth.

These powers of authority, liberations and portal openings occur initially within you yourself. Out of the great love in our hearts, we transfer to you powerful clearings and empowerments. We can then see
these in your auras. Illuminated beings throughout the universe perceive this, are able to see this. So we are once again One – as it was in days of old, so it is now and will always be.

We awaken the radiant presence of your true divine identity, your true divine essence within you. That which you truly are should once again shine, should awaken. We elevate you: "Rise out of the dust of
the millennium. Stand up, align yourself upwards. Be a sincere, authentic being of light of the New Age that points out the way for the Earth!"

For everything that happens within you, happens simultaneously on a higher, multidimensional plane. Everything is connected with everything. This is the divine reality. I carry the key to divine reality, the divine matrix within me and I, Metatron, ignite it in you and place it in your hearts. Just as it was at the beginning of your being, so it is once again: the lost key returns. It is the divine matrix, the primordial light connection, the All-One-Consciousness. And so it shall be in your golden future.

These are the words out of our hearts, spoken with great love, given back as a gift to you and once again reactivated in your here and now in this lifetime, in all that you are. And here great blessings from
the Divine Heart are given out of the almighty Love of God. And so it is beloved ones.

It is an honour and a great joy, the highest joy of our hearts, to see the souls awaken and blossom, to be able to witness and help as they reclaim their radiating power. From our hearts you are welcome into our midst, from you to you, from light to light, from heart to heart, from truth to truth. Amen. So it is.


engelWhat results will you achieve in the Diamond Light Priest*ess Training? 
How can you implement that which you have learnt and use it in your life?

The Diamond Light Priest*ess Training has a practical orientation with many exercises to anchor the content being taught. When you return home, you can immediately use it in your daily life.

You will be given a crystal clear technique – the intuitive light body reading – which will help you to evaluate the state of the chakras and the energy bodies intuitively and be able to harmonize them. In this way, your Crystalline Light Body will be built up step-by-step. The training additionally includes the harmonization and energization of living and working spaces.

You will learn to ascertain who or what is blocking you up to now and is hindering you to go into your own power. Once you are freed and independent of old manipulations, then advancements in your life become quickly visible.

Angels and Ascended Masters work directly in your Light Bodies and accompany you. This reactivates and expands your talents and abilities. The direct heart contact to your personal spiritual guidance will be established. This heart contact is a connection via your aura which, like the redial button on your phone, can be activated whenever you wish it to be. Then your own divine life plan will become more apparent both in the outer world as well as in the innermost part of your soul.

It will make you rejoiceful and will fulfil you to use the newly acquired knowledge and light gifts in your aura in your daily life. During this training, you will meet your earthly as well as your heavenly light family.

Metatron himself says about his Light School: "It is the Light School of the Golden New Age".


engelWhat does the Golden New Age mean for us?

The Golden New Age is being ushered in on the Earth through the opening to the heavenly dimensions. It has been prophesized for thousands of years that humanity would develop into a higher consciousness. We will then know that everything is connected to all and hence we will take on the responsibility for the whole Earth, for the entire creation. The intention of our actions will be based on love which will then exclude old programs such as egotism, personal profit and power struggles.

The helpers in this entire consciousness process are the angels, our light brothers and sisters of eternity. They carry the golden Christ Light in their hearts and ignite it. This inspires love and compassion in us for the entire creation. We are once again One and are embedded in the cycle of creation in which we live in. Through this quantum leap in the consciousness and hearts of humanity, a Golden New Age will begin on Earth in which we act out of love towards the divine creation as well as our fellow men.


engelAre you ready for the Diamond Light Priest*ess Training?

If an honest self-reflection and look into your heart shows you that there is still room for movement forward in your life, that old issues from past lives as well as from this one still effect you, even if you have been actively on the spiritual path for years or even decades, if you experience that much is still not resolved, if you ask for help from the deepest part of your heart and ask for actual redemption not just on the surface for you yourself but that truly everything in your environment is included and can also experience a lightful redemption, if you can say: "I wish to experience the deepest part of my soul, my true being, here on Earth", then you are ready for the Diamond Light Priest*ess Training.

You will learn to work effectively, structured and down into the depths of the soul. This also means covering thousands of years, beyond time and space. The training will serve you to move forward
truthfully and clearly in the light, in order to manifest the light in your current lifetime. You will experience powerful, immediate changes both internally as well as externally. Above and below will become One, for the light of heaven will enter your life.


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