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Ascension into the Solar Light Consciousness
Your Quantum Leap into the Solar Dimension of Enlightenment
Immerse yourself into another world in this 2.5-day seminar,
where you will be guided by Ashtar and your light-filled Star Brothers and Sisters.
Experience unique exercises and meditations that will illuminate
your aura and elevate your consciousness.

 engelCurrent Dates:

February 23-25, 2024 - Online.

engelWhat You Will Experience: 

  • You will experience the brilliance and the creator consciousness of the Sun Lords
  • The Light Frequency of the ascended star civilizations will be activated in you
  • Release primordial implants, millennia-old implants of humanity, and manipulations
  • Change your thought and brain structures
  • Experience the initiation in the Golden Ashtar Pendant and the Alcyone Light Portal
  • Receive the golden 12-strand genesis coding of Alcyone in your Light Body 

 Alcyone GateThe initiation into the Alcyone Light Portal is only given in the seminar
"Ascension into the Solar Light Consciousness".

engelThis seminar is ideal for you... 

  • ... if you wish to immerse yourself even more deeply in the wonderful contact with your Star Brothers and Sisters.
  • ... if you want to look at your life anew from an elevated consciousness - and thus be able to act from a higher meta-position in challenging life situations.
  • ... if you want to release millennia-old manipulations from your aura and leave them behind for good.
  • ... if you want to enter the solar light consciousness and take the next step in your luminous evolution.
  • ... if you have already attended several Litios seminars and want to experience even deeper redemption work on your light body with this seminar.

Seminar Content

  • the Solar Light Consciousness of the 9th dimension and how it impacts youGolden Ashtar 3
  • the Pleiades, the Photon Ring and the solar light consciousness
  • the difference between light custodians and dark custodians, freeing your aura of dark custodians
  • the Star Brothers and Sisters and their immense and everlasting support for you and humanity
  • primordial implants and main implants of humanity and where they are located
    (frontal lobe of the brain, Third Eye, Atlas, Heart Temple, Temple of Creation etc.)
  • the most important energy centres impacted by ancient implants
  • comprehensive step-by-step clearing process to remove implants, including Primal Implant, from energy centres
  • initation into the Alcyone Light Portal and the Golden Ashtar Pendant
  • the Prayer: Activating your Solar Light Consciousness
  • there will be intense advanced meditations and partner exercises throughout



engelSeminar Leaders:

PeterUrsula Schnell square 1500x1500

Peter and Ursula Schnell



  • Metatron Diamond Light Priest/ess Training - Level 1
  • Agreeing to the Litios Seminar Waiver
  • Internet device with quality webcam, speakers and microphone


engelWe will work and meditate with the following
       Light Crystals and Light Diamonds throughout the seminar:



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