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Melchizedek Wand

Fire of the Holy Spirit

(only with a personal initiation session
  or is included in Level 1 of the Light Priest*ess Training)

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Finely cut glass rod
with an "Alpha" α engraved on one end and an "Omega" Ω on the other,
delivered with a wooden stand

Crystalline energization and initiation

Wand is handed over only with a personal consultation and an initiation meditation.

Length: 10-5/8 in. / 27 cm   Diameter: 1 in. / 2.5 cm


  • Unites Alpha "the beginning" and Omega "the perfection" within you
  • What was broken will be healed
  • The cleansing, all-purifying Fire of the Holy Spirit
  • The baptism of fire – you will be a pillar of fire
  • You will become a pillar of light with this wand in your hands and integrate all chakras
  • Redeems all black magic energies through time and space
  • Purification of the aura with God's Fire of Love

High Priest Melchizedek casts the Fire of the Holy Spirit upon you and cleanses you with this divine fire. You will become a fiery torch of love kindling everything within you and around you. Alpha and Omega merge within you - the beginning of your spiritual evolution and the perfection on Earth will become One.



For meditations: hold the Alpha towards the Earth and the Omega pointing upwards or vice versa – you may place the wand on yourself or hold it in your hands. The divine circuit will be activated and aligned with you.

The wand is polarized. The Alpha draws out energies and the Omega fills us with purest energies of light.



by High Priest Melchizedek:

Alpha and Omega are one – beginning and end. You have come full circle – so what was once broken will be healed. The broken heart will be healed again. Just as at the beginning when you went out as pure spirits – the Alpha of your beginning. Hence you shall return as perfected beings of creation – the Omega of perfection within you. Alpha and Omega are one within you, healing everything within you; since Alpha and Omega are reuniting – the Fire of the Holy Spirit and the Primordial Flame of Earth are merging within you. God puts His chosen ones into the furnace of holy purification. The last remains of the old ego, the old human being shall be consumed by the fire of this furnace – purified gold within you and around you. Purified gold – immeasurable value.



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