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Metatron Light University

The Academy of the Golden Age

 Training Duration - 3 days


engelCurrent Dates
Toronto: Fri-Sun Sept 23-25, 2016, Greater Toronto Area



engelIntention of the Training

The evolution of your light consciousness continues to move forward.

This training was requested by Lightlord Metatron and was channelled to us over the course of 2 years. It is a light university, which connects you with the Divine Universities. In this way, you can be more intensively and effectively guided and taught by the Universal White Brotherhood and the Star Brothers and Sisters.

Experience and learn a powerful and effective light technique for spiritual healing and spiritual light alignment with metatronic precision


engelTraining content of the Light Academy

Initiation into the Light University of the Avatars

In the training, you will experience up-to-date themes and issues for the Golden Age that are given to us as a gift.


engelExcerpt of the Training Content

  • Earth Chakras, Higher Chakras and the extended Chakra System – stabilizing and alignment
  • The light wave of Metatron
  • The light temple of the divine master Hilarion
  • The Golden Christ Light Body – the Christ Avatar awakens within you.
  • The 3-fold Fire Ring of God with the Venetian Valiant Thor – a 3-fold mighty ring of protection
  • The primordial Genesis Matrix of Adam Kadmon
  • Invocation of the master consciousness of your physical body
  • Spiritual alignment with metatronic precision
  • Practical methods and light alignments as partner exercises.
  • Meditation, initiations and channellings with Lightlord Metatron, High Priest Melchizedek, Lord Sananda, the Archangels, avatars, goddesses, star brothers and sisters, light devas, etc.
  • Initiation meditations of Light Diamonds: the Melchizedek Wand diamond, the Flower of Life Sphere diamond
  • Reactivation of the 12-strand genesis codes and new coding out of the divine creation realms in your etheric body and down to the level of your quantum particles in the physical body


The training program develops throughout the seminar, as Antje and Edwin allow themselves to be guided and advised by the divine flow. They fulfill the wishes of the Universal White Brotherhood and the Light University of Lightlord Metatron, High Priest Melchizedek and Lord Maitreya, the World Teacher.

Words from Lightlord Metatron and Lord Sananda:

This is the birth of the New Age within you. Activate the creative frequency now.


engelAntje's Words

"Already in 2011, it was channelled to me that the Light Academy should take place. At the time, I had never intended to use the words "Light University". It sounded so powerful and demanding. In the meantime, after many corresponding channellings continued to flow in and with it their preparative energies, it is a logical consequence to offer a continued training. Once we had made this decision out of our hearts, the main theme of the training manifested itself, that of spiritual light alignments."  


engelWords of Lightlord Metatron

The Light Alignment according to my instructions is a deep illumination into the microcosm of the body and serves to deify your physical systems.



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