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Flower of Life – The Key of Metatron

Metatron El Shaddai

channelled by Kyria Deva


Spiritual View:

I see now how I leave the Earth and disappear far into the universe, further and further into other galaxies and then I see two brilliantly shining stars and I see a symbol: a triangle around a triangle. Both stars are covered mostly with water and they are wonderful and beautiful. And I see how a sphere emerges out of them. The size is not definable – is it now very large or is it very small? And this sphere now drifting away and I am allowed to follow it, it flies to the end of the universe and I sense how the energy becomes finer, lighter, all encompassing. At the end of the universe where we reach the perimeter of Ain Soph, the sphere slips into a completely spiritual sphere.

My heart is pounding as I step over this perimeter and you follow me as we cross and I sink into an ocean, I sink into a realm that is no longer defined by my "I" but is immersed in the "we" and I sense that I dissolve into a completely spiritual omnipower, into absolute love, into the Nothingness and yet the Allness at the same time. I sense how I connect with all of my aspects and I am completely dissolved, completely in a state of spirit. And I see the sphere in front of me and I see the Divine Spark that it is, how it illuminates, vibrates, radiating in pure light energy – a wonderful, reassuring feeling, a deep sense of calm in this state. What has happened? The Spirit of God has touched this sphere and has given it life – the first cell, pure spirit but nonetheless manifested. To compare I see Michael Angelo's "Creation of Adam", the fresco in the Sistine Chapel, the first step, the act of creation – and there was light.

And the sphere that has become a cell, that is filled with life, leaves this absolute, spiritual, unmanifested world, the Spirit of God. It leaves the Nothingness and Allness for its first step and enters Ain Soph into its first state of being. I see how six cells grow around it and then another ring of six cells and the first Flower of Life, the creation of God, the manifestation, is completed. And I see Archangel Metatron in wonderful magnitude and grandeur and he holds this Flower of Life in his hands, his vision beholds the absolute Nothingness and Allness and I see the words emblazed above stating: "Shaddai el Chaich". And he holds the cube of Metatron in his hands and behind him I see many seraphic angels and they do not look in this direction but stare into the unfathomable Nothingness. Only Archangel Metatron looks into this sphere and passes on this Flower of Life, this cube of Metatron, and I see what comes into being: the planets, the suns, the stars – all emerge from this Flower of Life, all originates from this single cell, out of this Flower of Life, out of the love for life through a creative act by the pure Spirit of God. It infuses and illuminates all, bringing more and more into being. Archangel Metatron accompanies me bac, for alone I would never have found the way back, the glory diminishes and the picture I have disappears. I am that I am – so it is.


Metatron El Shaddai:

I, Metatron El Shaddai, show you the magnificence of creation. Oh see how out of the unmanifested Love of God everything aligns in perfect order. It is the Flower of Life or the Divine Matrix – the order of all things, the order of creation, the order of love, and I, Metatron, stand at the Gate to the manifested Universe – Primordial Creative Spirit. I hold the divine Matrix in my hands and as you connect to this Divine Matrix, so do you go to the plane of Ain Soph and the All-That-Is. And you connect with all that you are, with your divine primordial being, your divine matrix. And you are the universe, the universe is in you – the light universe, the spiritual universe. And I stand at the gate to the realm of heaven, at the gate of creation, at the gate of Ain Soph.

Everyone who steps into the manifested universe, steps through my creation matrix and everyone who returns back to the All-That-Is steps through my creation matrix, through my heart. So, Beloved Ones, when you are connected with my heart, you go through the gate of bliss. And so you stand at the entrance gate. Only through this gate can you dissolve the material into light so that it returns back to the eternal being and back again to the manifestation above the divine Matrix, the Flower of Life, which I created for this manifested universe. And so this is "the Key of Metatron to the secrets of life".

I place this in your heart – my Key of Life. Life creations, love creations out of your heart – it opens within you, the Gate of Bliss in your heart, in which the unmanifested stream flows through you and through the Flower of Life in you, the divine matrix that has manifested in you.

My spirit merges with your and so it is. In the name of God, in the name of the Sons and Daughters of God and the Holy Spirit.





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