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Dragon Pendant

Golden Master Dragons

channelled by Kyria Deva


We are the golden Master Dragons and it is a great honour to infuse these Dragon Pendants with our power, to pervade and connect them with our energy. We are the guardians of the elements, of manifestation and of all flames of primordial creation in the entire universe.

This primordial spark ignites and induces manifestation. We carry this primordial flame within, we guard it for the whole creation and therefore we are also connected to the Kundalini Fire within you, in your Root Chakra. It lies hidden within, resting there until that day when you are ready to fully awaken to your true divinity. We, the dragon powers, will light this fire. We have guarded it and we will set it ablaze under the authority of High Priest Melchizedek. Only with his authority can it be ignited, for he alone, the High Priest from Eternity to Eternity, may reign over the awakening of those Kundalini forces in accord with the divine plan. It always requires his approval. Then this fire will be gently released igniting everything within you, purifying the prana tube from remains of the past, from dark experiences, fears and struggles, since you were no longer the creator of your life and your existence. The creator within was asleep – the master consciousness has been hibernating for long periods of time. Yet if this fire is set free by the power of your heart's humble love and purest divine intention – and this purity will be discerned and transilluminated from the plane of the Enlightened and Ascended Ones, who are the guardians of these gateways - it will be rekindled softly within you, the power will be re-awakened, the divine primordial power – creation within.

Glimmering at first, then softly rising, the fire is becoming increasingly clearer and is being set free. It is uniting with the fire of the Holy Spirit, the purest Fire of Love from the heart of God and merging in your Heart Temple in the Flame of the I AM within your divine consciousness, thus creating a mighty Fire of Love burning everything – you may release all old impurities, all old dark experiences of the past into this fire, and we, the Dragons, will assist you. We transfer our abilities to guard, guide and reign the elements to you. We are the masters of the elements and those who desire to befriend us shall be able to connect with all elements in harmony, so the natural forces shall not turn against him, but shall be with him. Everything you have created contrary to nature or done in the past shall be released and dissolved – this karma and everything you have tried to create contrary to the Divine in your self-will shall also be consumed by this Fire of Love.

Dark machinations against creation, the abuse of creation, violence against creation or traumatic experiences, such as catastrophes caused by natural forces or by the exploitation of nature, all of this will be redeemed and so will all creatures in nature – harmony with the animal kingdom, violence that you have experienced or anything you have exercised to animals, the abuse of creative powers and dragon powers in former times. It will all be redeemed in this purest divine Kundalini Fire of Love, the Holy Spirit will connect with you from the Highest Source and from the Primordial Flame of Creation within you – this Fire of Love redeems all karmic conditions and unleashes the master energy within.

Then you know: the elements are your friends, they serve you as you serve the whole creation in love and your heart knows your mission for creation which is to manifest the Holy Spirit in matter, to allow it to permeate matter, thereby following God's Will of creation. This is the descension of the Holy Spirit into matter bringing about evolution towards the Divine.

When your heart is pure and when you vibrate in unison with the will of the Most High, the Kundalini powers may unfold within you. The fire in your Root Chakra is uniting with God's Fire of Love – both flames flow into one another and will be powerfully kindled bringing forth new creation within you and through you. You begin creating your life anew – creating a new foundation underneath you, a new basis. Wherever you are, you may get everything in new order and you may form a whole new basis in the here and now.

Consult us – we assist you in understanding the entire creation, the elements, we make it so easy and playful for you and we allow you to stride ahead. Yes, everything around you will transform itself – the easier you take it, the faster and more intensive you will proceed. Abandon the old way of thinking "work is burdensome, work is arduous." When the creative powers awaken within you, you will be tested by the Highest One. They are released and now they are slowly beginning to gain foothold in your life, enabling you to feel the change and renewal. We are your friends in this process. We love to accompany you and we will sustain you. The rekindled Kundalini Fire draws us to you and all the forces and powers of the elements will follow us.

This pendant is ideal for harmoniously connecting with Mother Earth, with this creation and matter so that you no longer consider this matter a burden, but feel that it is energy – energy that you can create and bring into form. Go into your heart, be at one with God's Will to creation and visualize, manifest and wish for the gentle release of the Kundalini Fire in your Root Chakra to rise softly.

We help those who have a pure heart and divine intention, who walk the earth in humility under the inspiration of the Lord, who align themselves with God's Will, the Will of the Most High. We accompany those who indulge themselves in childlike simplicity. We encourage them to redeem their difficult past or karma, we reconnect them with Mother Earth and awaken their true creative power.

Behold the lightness of the entire universe. It requires this inner alignment, the inner purity, without judging, evaluating and assessing others, the independence from old karmic constraints, blockages and fears. Then this fire will be lit by itself. Raise yourself in lightness and you will feel warm and cozy in the divine presence, resting in the Root Chakra and allowing you to easily transform creation around you. It will flow to you and through your heart with great ease and whatever you visualize, whatever serves you, will be successful and stream to you. More and more you will realize that it is possible and that it is connected with your skill that lies within, namely, being a Creator and Master.

So it is, Beloved. We are activating this consciousness now. We help you get in touch with this energy, stabilize it and ignite it. We deeply thank you for wishing this illuminated contact with us. And so it is.

We are sending you the Light of the Highest One, the All-One, the Light of all powers of creation of the universe and the fire of the Holy Spirit. Amen.




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