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Elf Pearls "Heavenly Magic in Nature"

Mother Mary from the Rainbow Sphere

channelled by Kyria Deva


This is Mother Mary from the Rainbow Sphere – a festive crowd is gathering here. Many elves, fairies, dwarfs - the guardians of nature – are invited and so are the angles from the Rainbow Sphere. They have already longed for this day, as it is a festive day for all nature spirits, a day of bliss, whenever people are ready to open up anew to the nature spirits which so eagerly work for creation and for Divine Creation with love and devotion. Their gratitude and joy are immense when human souls open up again and show their appreciation, their delight and deep respect for the work of these illuminated beings, which serve creation with full devotion to the Divine Will and to the Divine Love of God's heart from which they were created, from which the whole creation evolved in love and harmony. They guard and nourish creation, they let it flourish.

You may call these Elf Pearls "Heavenly Magic in Nature", as heavenly enchantment will rest on these gardens and flood entire landscapes and regions with Divine magic. The Rainbow Sphere touches Earth, kisses Earth and radiates its vibration, its fragrance; yes, its enchantment is like Divine magic.

The angels of the Rainbow Sphere dwell there and they are the bearers of the Divine information that has been inherent in the entire material creation since the beginning of this Earth, since the formation of the galaxy. They transfer this information to the guardians of nature, to the elves, fairies, dwarfs in their environment and various kingdoms: the water elves, the forest elves, the elves of the air and mountains, the elves of the lakes, plants and herbs, flowers and trees. All those different kinds of kingdoms have guarded, tendered, nourished and grown creation over thousands of years – they have transferred the seed from one country to another, from one place to another so that this splendour may thrive, flourish and grow everywhere. The great variety of creation is such a delightful joy.

They preserve nature's diversity as, due to the modern technical age, human beings have reduced it in some places, they have intervened in nature's natural order, in its cycle. However, elves possess the power to spawn diversity. With their love and energy they ensure the plant's well-being, they allow the plants which seemed extinct to grow despite technical radiation.

The elves receive the power from the Rainbow Sphere through these Elf Pearls and therefore nature's energy will be stabilized and strengthened, the original magic will return, as nature can charm and enchant people. They can forget their worries and regenerate in nature, yes, the entire creation, animals, the air, the soil, plants, waters, the whole surrounding will be infused with the splendour from the Rainbow Sphere, with its energy and power.

My blessings are upon these Elf Pearls and upon all places you put them in nature. You may create a circle with these pearls, you may also put one pearl in the centre with a diameter of 4 – 15 m (15 – 50 ft), but it is variable of course, there is no fixed measurement. You may choose yourself, whatever feels good. (Note: e.g., 8 + 1 pearl or 12 + 1 pearl)

A powerful angel from the Rainbow Sphere will always be attracted, he will settle in the centre of the circle and maintain the connection. Elves from their reigns dance around him and spread the wonders of nature – all nature spirits will be touched, "recharged" with energy and filled with new radiance so that the surroundings will be freed from any kind of radiation that harms nature or tips its balance.

It is such a blessing when you also do a lovely meditation, a ritual for nature. It will come back to you, as every Elf Circle connects with the next one, it connects with the Rainbow Sphere and brings strength and energy for this planet, thus reinforcing the connection between heaven and earth. This Elf Circle is also connected with the heart of Lady Gaia.

In addition, Elf Pearls have the ability to awaken the consciousness in the organs of your body and breathe new life into them - it is subject to the kingdom of the elves. The elemental beings and the consciousness in the organs also belong to it. The realm of the elves guides the elemental beings of nature, provides them with energy, directs and teaches them. Therefore, it is effective to take the Elf Pearls into consideration as well as the Elf Scarves – both are very good for these applications.

My blessing is upon everything that happens in nature – call upon me whenever you meditate, call upon the elves, fairies and dwarfs of the surroundings, call upon all beings of light that serve God's creation in the whole region and ask them to celebrate with you every time and to bless all nature. Heavenly enchantment will descend and rest on these places – animals will benefit as well, they will be able to gather strength and so will the air, the water, the soil – everything will be permeated. Mother Earth will be grateful and this blessing will come back to you.

I bless your loving work and everyone who decides to bring that gift to nature. I bless you with my Divine Blessing in the name of the Highest All-One, in my name and in the name of the Holy Spirit of the New Age reflecting itself in the world of the elves. So it is. Amen.





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