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Heart Pendant – "Power of Love from the Holy Spirit"

Lightlord Metatron

channelled by Kyria Deva


Beloved souls of light, this is Lightlord Metatron, the glorious and radiant regent of God's crystal city: Litios.

The crystal water of the Holy Spirit is being outpoured on you, it is flowing through you and all shadows have to disappear. Your body temple is reborn and so is your soul temple. May your High Spirit merge with you and embrace you. It surrounds you like a ball of energy, it is neither human form nor shape - it is highest vibration. We activate your Star Tetrahedron and raise the frequency in all your cells and atoms revealing the light contained in the primordial atom, which is in every atom.

Death is deprived of its shadow. "O death, where is thy sting?", I would like to say and I would truly recommend you to maintain that spiritual attitude so that it may develop little by little every hour, every minute and every second of your life. Stick to my energies that I give you. Activate them frequently and often within you, as they are now part of you, they belong to you. My energies of primordial creation are directed into you, permanently increasing the frequency in your atoms to the innermost core, it will be raised steadily.

We have initiated it. Jesus Christ – Lord Sananda, your Master, and I have embedded it in you and you may continuously activate it: The Metatron Energies – my energies – the energies of the highest dimensions of light.

These hearts shall be a powerful gift: The Power of Love and a magnet of love, radiating love and attracting love. Yes, it reflects the Power of Love of the Holy Trinity, just as it should reflect in you, in wonderful information and energy: The love of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, the energy of the Divine Mother's Flame of Love, the primordial goddess. She is the bearer of the Divine Flame of Love and this heart shall be imbued with it and suffuse you. A ray of love from the highest realms, from the Crystal Heart of the Divine, touches these hearts and your hearts.

You may call these hearts: "Power of Love of the Holy Spirit."

Once again I give a powerful blessing to you. May this blessing vibrate into every cell and into every atom. May this blessing from the highest divinity fill you completely, initiate resurrection within you and awaken the Divine. So it is. Amen.


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