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Love Pearls "Magic of Heavenly Love"

Jesus Christ

channelled by Kyria Deva


Spiritual View:

I am in a spiral and a beam of light is lifting me up through the universes. I can see a Crystal Sphere in the distance – beautiful, sparkling, shining, crystalline and over all this is the radiance and brightness of Archangel Metatron. He is holding a crown in his hands – a crystalline crown with Love Pearls – they are of infinite purity, beauty, all of them are crystal clear and yet each one has its own magnificent splendour. He is carrying the crown to the threshold of the gate to infinity.

I can see Jesus Christ sitting on a throne and Crystal Angel Metatron who is crowning him. I can see Jesus Christ in a shining gown, in a royal robe. This gown is also studded with these Love Pearls. He is descending from the throne down the celestial stairs, down the channel of light, to Earth.

And I can see that he is giving these pearls to a forlorn person with devotion and love just as he did during his lifetime so that he or she will be connected with his love. He is giving them to a sad person so that he or she will be connected with his zest for life, he is giving them to a frightened person so that he or she will be connected with his warmth and safety, he is giving them to everybody who recognizes them as: Love Pearls from Jesus Christ. So be it. Now and to all eternity. Amen.


Jesus Christ:

Beloved, this is Jesus Christ. My open heart, my divine mercy for you and this Earth. I kiss this beloved Earth.

It shall be showered with those Love Pearls from my heart, like tears of joy. I put a tear of joy from my love into every heart. It awakens deep compassion for every living being, caring and sympathy for its path that it has walked upon without light, without love, without hope; a path into darkness. These Love Pearls open the pathway to my heart. Little treasures, so full of love. Your heart and all rooms will be enchanted by this heavenly love. Surround yourself with such pearls in beauty and harmony. Just a glance and heaven kisses you – a kiss from heaven. It opens the gate to a higher feeling of happiness within you. It kindles your lucky star in the aura and happiness will be poured onto you. It is like a rain of glittering sparks – you will be enveloped. They are like stars, tiny sparks, which fall from the sky – innumerable greetings from heaven, greetings from the heart, love and joy.

It can open the hearts for subtle compassion. Yes, even unfeeling hearts will open up, hard shells will be burst open – a kiss from heaven – no living being can evade it since every being is capable of love, otherwise that being would not exist. It is capable of loving and feeling since it is born out of love and returns to love. Even if it lies deeply buried, this kiss from heaven will leave its mark.

Pearls, treasures from heaven, this is wealth in the higher world. They are my gift to you and to the whole world. May the entire Earth be covered with these celestial Love Pearls from my heart: Mother Earth, be enveloped, be greeted, be uplifted, oh how much I love this world. My devotion shall saturate these pearls – my love and devotion. Feel this devotion within you and carry it into the world. Be the messengers of my love, my sympathy, my compassionate heart that is able to open every heart. It will not pass by without leaving its mark as I cast my eyes upon every heart with infinite love and they unfold like a beautiful flower – a glance of my love, a tear from my heart. It is the magic of heavenly love and so be it Beloved. I imbue these pearls with the magic of heavenly love. I suffuse you. It is able to release old pain with compassionate love from heaven and sweeps away pain that is thousands of years old.

In the name of the Father, in my name and in the name of the Holy Spirit. Amen.





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