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Merkaba Sphere

Lord Krishna with Lord Sananda

channelled by Kyria Deva


Beloved Souls of Light, this is Lord Krishna. We are sending you a ray of highest purity, loveliness, clarity as I and Jesus Christ are one. You might say: I am an aspect of Jesus Christ or Jesus Christ is an aspect of me. This energy is of the same purity, the same loveliness and the same benevolence – lived in different ways on Earth and yet one – the All-love is united within us in highest purity, loveliness and clarity ... This purest, highest All-love shall touch you. And it is becoming stronger and stronger: My Vortex of Light.

I am embedding this Light Vortex into the Merkaba Sphere, a mighty Light Vortex of purest love. It directly leads you to your heart, where the connection is - yes, it harbours the High Self. This Light Vortex attracts the divine primordial energy to you like a magnet. It is a Light Vortex in your heart, activating your light vehicle with ease and awakening your radiance like the powerful brightness of heaven – celestial radiance. Everything is already within you. It only takes a small amount of our energy to activate it, to make it flow. Our spiritual authority could not do anything if it were not already within you. God created you in His image and this image of perfection is within you. So all it merely takes is a slight touch, the breath of God, the breath of the Holy Spirit to reinitiate and reactivate the flow with our Love Vortex; you shall remember:

Yes, we are also Creator Spirits of God; purest, pristine spiritual beings, angelic beings.

And the angel within you is awakening, the master within you is awakening – you are filled with this presence. Simply let it happen as it is ready. It is already there, it has always been there and it will always be there. There is no great effort needed. It is like an airplane, it can simply fly, it has everything. You are the pilot and we will just show you how it works. We will help you gett off the ground. Your heart is your inner pilot. The energy from your heart, the energy of love and everything else will follow your heart.

The light vehicle is rising and with your spirit you may travel wherever you desire. Whatever you feel up to – may it happen. You are heading towards the freedom of the Holy Spirit and this means letting go of all lower bondages and programs. It elevates you to the plane of all blissful spirits in the entire universe, to the freedom of the Holy Spirit. Hence you may release old fears, old structures and transform yourself. The transformation into illuminated beings of the New Age is fulfilling itself. Everything is already within you. It is already there, waiting to be transformed into light.

Feel this Vortex of Light and Love within you that activates all your control centres in all Creator Crystals. You would say: It assists me with great love as this is the living power of love, the living Vortex of Light. It is capable of removing all programming. It can penetrate the innermost core – it is like an explosion of light releasing all rigidness, blockages, walls and boundaries. You may send this Vortex of Light to all encrusted and stifling structures, this vibrant Vortex of Light from the Holy Spirit. And so be it.

Be blessed in our power of love, in the name of the Father, in the name of Jesus Christ and in my name, and in the name of the Holy Spirit. Amen.






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