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Golden Lotus Pendant 

Lightlord Metatron

channelled by Kyria Deva


The Golden Lotus of the New Earth
The Golden Timeline of Mother Earth

The Golden Lotus of the New Earth is the information, the Genesis Coding, of the New Earth. All the primordial codes of the creation of the fifth dimension are engraved in this Golden Lotus. They unfold in your light body, in every chakra, in every energy body and in the multidimensionality of your being.

The Golden Lotus brings you the golden timeline that was born out of the Heart of God and already exists. This golden timeline is the energy of the coming Golden Age that you can unify with right now. It is the luminous future of the Earth that you can manifest within you.

Through you, the new Genesis Codes will then be brought to Earth, into manifested presence.

At the same time, you are being uplifted and tuned into the frequency of the new Earth. Your whole system is now vibrating to the frequency of perpetual and ever new joyful manifestation experiences, just as the Heart of God from eternity had originally intended for the human race, that the light souls here should experience matter in joy as creators.

This time is now beginning, for your soul has matured and you desire to be one with creation and to assume a luminous responsibility as co-creator in Cosmic Creation. A new cosmic hour has begun, and you are a co-initiator. The old disappears and is blessed, the new unfolds.

Now let me guide you through your chakras.

The Golden Lotus unfolds in your Root Chakra.

Dark experiences of your past lives on Earth, of times past, fade away. Through the intensity of this golden fullness you can let go with ease and the tears of the dark age are dried out. Beneath you, you feel the New Earth showing itself and manifesting. Every loving thought, every deed done in love, is manifesting on the New Earth. The old experiences of heaviness and hardness simply flow away and a new lightness spreads out. The Golden Lotus lets you float and glide along. The golden timeline of the Heart of God is a reality in you and thus on this Earth and in everything you come into contact with: in all people, animals and creation.

Once this Golden Lotus has anchored itself in your Root Chakra, it multiplies and continues. Just as the pollen spreads thousands and millions of times in the spring, you spread this fragrance, the reality and the golden timeline of the New Earth wherever you walk and stand.

The Golden Lotus anchors itself in your Sacral Chakra.

Here you are co-creator, adding your energy and creativity to the creation of the New Earth and at the same time expanding it mightily. This means your creation energies are expanded out through the Golden Lotus. Mighty wings are given to your power of creation. The new Earth is born out of your womb, it comes forth from you. That which you desire, will be woven into the new Earth. That which gives you existential joy in your earthly existence will be woven into it. You take the light and joy with you into the fifth dimension. It spreads through your Sacral Chakra and radiates out. Here you give of your individual imagination and love. You paint the new Earth out of yourself.

The Golden Lotus anchors itself in your Solar Plexus.

It helps you to leave the domination of the old powers completely behind you. And it puts you into the power of light of the Primordial Creator, who works through you on the New Earth.

The Golden Lotus of the New Earth anchors itself in your Heart Chakra.

Everything that burdened your heart so heavily in the past age can now flow away from you. Instead, the fullness of the love of the Goddesses spreads through you in all colour and sound frequencies. A new love arises in you, for you carry the new golden Earth, the golden timeline, in your heart and automatically multiply it out of your light body. Everything that you particularly love, you will find again on the new Earth. What has drawn you to this Earth out of love - the pure love of your heart for Goddess Gaia - is now being renewed and reborn on a golden timeline. Your heart is rising to the frequency of the Earth in the fifth dimension and you are free.

The Golden Lotus activates in your Throat Chakra.

The old matrix of control systems is erased as the divine matrix of the golden timeline spreads and anchors within you.

The Golden Lotus of Goddess Gaia unfolds in your Third Eye.

Your most beautiful vision becomes reality. Every luminous thought is like a seed on the new Earth. Every thought that has risen into the light vibration of the golden timeline is a reality on the new Earth.

At the same time, the light vibration of your mental body is raised, and your visions are elevated to the golden timeline. This means you can hold your thoughts and visions at this raised frequency.

The Golden Lotus spreads over your Crown Chakra.

This means you are the human creator of the New Age who is born and together you are connected with the divine universe. Visualize the purity and pristine beauty of this new Earth. Know that your thoughts are the seed that is planted.

Wear this pendant to transport yourself into the golden timeline of the new Earth. Now you are one with the pure golden field of consciousness, the pure golden matrix of the new Earth.

This Lotus Pendant helps you to anchor the golden matrix of the new Earth within you and at the same time to already exist in it. It takes you out of the consciousness matrices of the old experiences and opens up the infinite luminous possibilities that the Holy Spirit gives to the new Earth. It is a manifestation field of the Golden Age. Because your soul has now matured, it can accept this with joy and ease. Your soul can work as a light co-creator with all Light and Star Brothers and Sisters and with the divine hierarchies.

This Golden Lotus is very good for people who got in particularly difficult and desperate situations in the current time of transformation. They are always and constantly uplifted by it. A portal of joy and hope for the light-filled future opens in them. They are luminously grounded anew and anchored beyond the previous dramas of their lives. The grounding happens on the golden divine timeline and in deep trust. This allows them to reorient and divinely align themselves.

The Golden Lotus has already been born by Goddess Gaia. Therefore, the golden timeline also exists and you can enter the new Earth in reality.

People who have already opened themselves in the light consciousness will experience that their light-filled thoughts will manifest faster and easier. They will participate with great joy and with all light beings as light creator of the new Earth. This means that you will experience a completely new grounding, as it has never existed before, and you will step forward in great lightness, protected and enveloped in the divine matrix of the new Earth.

This Golden Lotus Pendant is a gift from the Holy Spirit. It is meant to help you to go through this time of transformation even more easily and to anchor the golden timeline in all areas of your life at the same time. You yourself are the Golden Lotus, the golden child of the Heart of God and the new Earth is multiplied through your heart.

So it is.





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