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Mirror of Amenti

Mirror of Wisdom from Amenti
Harmony with the Earth

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High quality beveled glass ornament,
crystal clear with coloured felt pad at the bottom

Crystalline energization and initiation

Diameter:  1-1/4 in. / 33 mm
Height:  3-3/4 in. / 95 mm

Available in 2 colours:
pink green
violet gold


    • Self-recognition and reconciliation with yourself
    • Accepting yourself and forgiving yourself
    • The key of the Halls of Amenti in the Inner Earth
    • The connection to the Ascended Masters in the Inner Earth
    • Wisdom and secrets from the Halls of Amenti
    • Reading in the Book of Life
    • Remembering talents and skills
    • Being in harmony with the Earth and creation

The Mirror of Amenti helps you with an intensive grounding. You look into the Mirror of Wisdom and will be led to self-awareness. You unify yourself with all of your aspects and energetic elements that you have separated from yourself. You will be able to accept and forgive yourself. You reconcile with the Earth. You discover the deepest of secrets and read in your Book of Life ...



Put the "Mirror of Wisdom" underneath you, in front of you or at a good spot above you during meditation. You may meditate in a lying or sitting position and connect with the Halls of Amenti. Enter inner silence and feel the power of unity and forgiveness, experience the reconciliation with Mother Earth … The Mirror is excellent for harmonizing harmful earth radiation, fault lines, computers and workplaces. It is also a positive amplifier for energies due to the mirror effect.



by the Council of the Wise Ones from Amenti:

And we, the Wise Ones from the Halls of Amenti, accompany you every time; we assist you, protect you and disclose new knowledge and secrets every time. We are the guardians of wisdom and of mankind´s greatest treasures. Perceive yourself as a thousand personalities and beings – reconnect them with yourself. Everything you have denied, everything you wanted to separate is now returning to you healed. The aspect of you, which sadly had to steal away, is allowed return, is allowed to be healed, to be reintegrated. As above, so below - as below, so above. This knowledge is One with the Divine. It is the Mirror of Wisdom from Amenti which grants you access and reconciles you with Earth, with yourself. It reconnects you to Oneness healing everything within you that was lost – leading you back to the beginning. The Alpha and Omega will be reconciled and united ...

All aspects you have turned away from or condemned will be reintegrated in your heart and transformed; forgiving yourself raises your power. It elevates you to the stars; and you shall be a bright, sparkling star in the divine firmament.


Complete Channelling


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