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Angel's Pendant

Mirror of the Holy Spirit


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High quality, finely polished, faceted glass with an angel lasered inside,
comes with bail for hanging

Crystalline energization and initiation

Diameter lengthwise:  1-1/2 in. /  3.7 cm


  • This Pendant helps you to feel centred and internalized
  • You will be the purest mirror of the Divine within
  • What was once broken will be healed
  • From separation to Oneness
  • Focus of the Chi-energy
  • Strong amulet for protection
  • Creates a protective field of light around our whole aura
  • Transformation of karma
  • Connects you strongly to Archangel Michael and his Light Sword 

High Priest Melchisedek assists us in focusing our attention from the outside to the inside. You and your entire life force will be centred. Thereof arises great power and radiance. The energy that you have dissipated or the power that you have surrendered will be reunited.



Aura pendant / aura harmonization / protection / strengthening the aura / karma transformation / transforming energetic blocks over time and space / illuminated guidance

The Angel’s Pendant is a wonderful aura medallion that you can carry with you on a necklace around your neck so that its luminous energy can infuse your entire aura. Place it during meditation on a chakra for aura harmonization. Then ask Archangel Michael and High Priest Melchizedek that they liberate, clear and illuminate your aura.
You can also hang it over your bed so that its energy works with you at night and you are protected.



by Melchisedek:

And so I am touching these Angel's Pendants. They are the mirror of the Holy Spirit – may you become the Mirror of Eternity, infinite purity, grace and holiness; may you be the purest mirror ...

These pendants possess the power to heal the broken Soul Mirror. What was once broken will be whole again, what was divided will return to Oneness. This is the highest spiritual healing power, since being separated from the Divine enabled death to enter this world in all its forms – and so it will be whole again by returning to Oneness. Oneness within you and Oneness with God – All-That-Is is One – it is Allness. And so the thousand splinters of your soul that you have scattered across time and space are now gathering in your focus, in your Divine Core, it is attracting them like a magnet – the healing power of the Holy Spirit. May you be the Divine Mirror, angel-like, pure, holy – this means: increased healing power ...

So this Angel's Pendant focuses you, turns you inward. It helps you to draw your attention from the outside to the inside, to centre yourselves and to become whole again. You are so often distracted by your external life. So it centres you – a strong internal focus – and you will be able to concentrate on the essentials within you. And from this concentration, this inwardness, this focus, this healing within you arises great power, a magnificent light, radiance of enormous intensity.


Complete Channelling


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