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Listen with Lorie: Empowering Life Stories


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In May, we were interviewed for the Podcast show "Listen with Lorie" by Lorie Gelsenheimer in her series of "Empowering Life Stories". This podcast went live on Monday May 17th on several platforms.

In this interview, we (Ursula and Peter) share our spiritual journeys over the past 35 years and how we transitioned from a corporate world to spiritual teachers today. You will hear some new stories and anecdotes from our personal life and our journey that we haven't shared to date.

We shed light on how we first discovered and then integrated the Litios Light Crystals into our lives and how they have accompanied and accelerated our growth ever since.  

Lorie also shares her first encounter with the Litios Light Crystals some years ago and how this changed her life dramatically for the better.



Listen to the Podcast here


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