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Pyramid of Initiation "I AM the Light "

Thot, Master of Light

channelled by Kyria Deva


Beloved Souls of Light, this is Thot, the high teacher of wisdom of the universe and I may bring infinite wisdom to you – a gift from heaven for the souls that are ready, that have worked their way through the toil of earthly lives back towards the light over thousands of years. The path lies clearly ahead. It leads you towards the highest light.

The light of the Highest, Beloved Ones, radiates within you. And I am directing the ray to you. Therefore, my ray is within this pyramid, my energy of wisdom and knowledge from the highest light of Oneness, from the Eye of God, a clear and focused ray. You would say it is like a laser – focused on your Divine Consciousness that is ready to awaken.

These pyramids create mighty pyramids in the room and I, Thot, teacher of wisdom, clothe you in pure linen – a priestly garment. I lay you in a golden barge and deflect the ray to you.

My spirit shall merge with yours and you shall experience the energy of initiation. Let it fill you and pyramids will continue to spread in the room, below and above – one pyramid activates the next one ... Pyramids will be erected in all directions and the stronger and more focused you enter this energy, the stronger the pyramids will expand. This energy is able to extend around and far beyond Earth, even to its interior. It awakens the souls that are determined to be masters and I, Toth, will guide them myself.

You may pass on to others what you have awakened in yourself. Step by step this initiation will find its place within you. Many years of study and meditation were necessary in the Schools of Wisdom in ancient Egypt and you may now climb those steps with great gifts of grace, leading you towards initiation, towards Masterhood: Master of Time and Space, Master of Love and Form ...

So, I am touching your innermost core with my regent's wand and God's Light shall emerge from within you, and you shall recognize: I AM the Light.

You may call this pyramid: I AM the Light. And so be it, as I AM the Light! In the name of the Holy Trinity. Amen.


Note: If you once had an initiation in other lives, e.g., in Atlantis or Egypt, this aspect of light will be awakened within you and re-activated.





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