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Dolphin Pendant

Radiance of the Sirian Dolphin Devas

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New Design. High quality, finely polished glass with 3 Dolphin images as a genuine gold inlay,
comes with bail for hanging

Crystalline energization and initiation

Diameter: 1-1/4 in. / 3.3 cm   Depth: 3/16 in. / 4 mm


  • Pure dolphin energy
  • Gently harmonizing emotions
  • Harmonization and purification of waters
  • Love for the animal kingdom
  • Becoming one with creation
  • Connection to all nature devas
  • For a deep sleep and pleasant dreams
  • Very calming for children
  • Creates a cheerful mood
  • Excellent for animals and plants
  • Harmony and mutual understanding between animals and their owners

The Sirian dolphin deva "Santiri" connects you with the Primordial Ray of flora and fauna. She assists humans and animals in harmonizing and softening their emotions as well as their aura. The dolphin energies gently open up the gateway to your subconscious and help you to harmonize negative and suppressed emotions.

It opens your consciousness for the love to animals. Animals remember their true nature and abilities – they will be included in evolution.



You may use the pendant for harmonising the aura or for wearing.

It can be hung up in rooms. It fills and floods the entire room with its energy. Especially good for rooms where children and animals reside. Beautiful for bathrooms. You may hang it up or place it in boarding kennels for pets or in horse stables to transform for example homesickness, etc.

It is excellent for energetic work with animals.



by the Sirian dolphin deva Santiri:

I am the Sirian dolphin deva Santiri, and through the ray of the Elohim I shine upon the flora and fauna of the new creation on this Earth in connection with the crowning glory of creation in the fauna: the dolphins. The dolphins possess the ability to purify Earth's entire ether from the burden of aggressive emotions with their wonderful love and lightness ... As soon as the emotions of aggression and fear subside on this planet, the animals will return to their paradisiacal archetype. Then the animals will also remember their capability to feed themselves in another way  and they will also enrich the entire creation with their species specific gifts, as every animal has its special plan ...

This pendant connects you with the fauna, especially with the nature devas, the elemental beings of light. Open yourselves – and you will marvel at how creation serves you, for the one who is a Master serves creation and creation serves him or her. Become one with Earth's wonderful creation!

I imbue this pendant with a ray of the Sirian Primordial Creation. Hence, you are connected with the highest code of creation, and so be it.


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