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Dolphin Pendant Santiri

Santiri, Deva of Creation

channelled by Kyria Deva


Beloved, I am the Sirian deva of creation, Santiri, and through the ray of the Elohim I shine upon the flora and fauna of the new creation on this Earth and am connected to the crowning glory of creation in the fauna: the dolphins. They possess the ability to purify Earth's entire aether from the burden of aggressive emotions with their wonderful love and lightness as Earth is mainly covered by water. When the waters vibrate harmoniously, they cleanse Earth's aether which is fraught with tension, from aggressive emotions. In this way storms arise or even earthquakes and natural disasters. There is much tension in the aether.

The dolphins of this planet particularly possess the ability to harmonize emotions and so do all other animals when they have a very pure connection to their deva of primordial creation. As soon as the emotions of aggression and fear subside on this planet, animals will return to their paradisiacal archetype. The struggle for survival will fade away, it will disappear. Then the animals will also remember their capability to feed themselves in another way and they will also enrich the entire creation with their species-specific gifts as every animal has its special plan in the whole cycle of creation. And just as you carry all those abilities within, beloved humans of creation, all skills and possibilities of material creation, so does every animal. You are therefore the crown of creation, because you are able to awaken all talents within you when you follow the path of mastership. Animals serve creation by developing their species-specific abilities and by giving them to creation.

You, the crown of creation of all life on Earth, are obliged to respect, love and help animals so that they can find their true essence and also to desist from abuse. They will be grateful with all their love as their devotion is wonderful and serves you. They are man's good friend and a good friend of the entire creation. They bring life and diversity, they stimulate everything. They are like the living breath of Earth – yes, you can see the splendour, the endless diversity and the stunning abilities of the animals. Feel the love of the entire animal kingdom and send that love to everyone.

I am connected with all nature devas, but especially with the realm of water serving this planet to cleanse itself. People say: Life is born from water. Water is a powerful element – it is also within you. This pendant cleanses everything within you that is connected to the element of water and the entire planet. It connects you with the fauna, especially with the nature devas and the elemental beings of light. Open yourselves – and you will marvel at how creation serves you, for the one who is a Master serves creation and creation serves him or her. Become one with Earth's wonderful creation!

I imbue this pendant with a ray of the Sirian Primordial Creation. Hence, you are connected with the highest code of creation. Be blessed and send your blessings to this creation likewise, in the name of the Highest – may all become One: Above and below, below and above. Amen.





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