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Golden Christ Light Pearl - Set of 3

Jesus Sananda ignites a Golden Flame of his Heart in you

Christmas Edition 2022


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Other variations:
Golden Christ Light Pearl single
Golden Christ Light Earrings


High quality glass pearl with finely cut facets and AB coating. At the top of the pendant is a shiny gold bail for hanging. The bail is made of gold-plated tombac (brass-copper alloy).

Crystalline energization and initiation


Length: 20 mm / 3/4"
Diameter: 11 mm / 1/2"


  • Jesus Sananda ignites his Christ Light in you. He gives you the golden flame of his heart.
  • He lights his Christ Light in the darkest place and the darkest time in you.
  • He leads you out of darkness, confusion and misery
  • He redeems the pain of separation, abandonment and loneliness
  • You know: I am embraced, cared and provided for from the Divine.
  • All lethargy falls away from you and Jesus brings new beginnings to your heart
  • The light is victorious. Christ is victor for ever!
  • The sun of the Golden Age rises in you
  • Jesus Sananda gives you confidence and speaks to your soul: The Golden Age is already here.

Jesus Sananda, the true heart master, comes into your presence. He gives you a golden flame of his heart into your heart. He speaks to your soul, "The Golden Age is already here." Thus the new Golden Age of Christ Con-sciousness is born in your heart.

The concerns and worries of the present time fall away from you, for Jesus brings you the joy, peace, comfort and confidence of heaven.

Jesus Sananda leads you out of all darkness, confusion and misery. You can rise again radiantly and you know, "I am enwrapped, guided and always provided for from the Divine."
With crystalline energization and initiation.



aura pendant • luminous guidance • aura harmonization • transformation of energetic blockages • harmoniously balancing emotions • especially ideal for children and young people • ideal as a gift



by Jesus Christ:

I am Jesus Sananda, your true Heart Master.

I give you a Christ pearl, a golden flame of my heart, into your heart. It ignites my Christ Light in your soul.

But the light penetrates through all and you know: "The light is victorious. Christ is victor for ever!" For I am the light in the souls and lead them out of all darkness, confusion and misery.

Entrust yourself to me and you are protected and spared from all encroachment. You will be led out of the darkest night.

With this Christ Pearl, I give you a golden flame of my heart that illuminates your heart and soul. It ignites your heart and no being can extinguish it again or capture you.

The Christ flame of my heart speaks to your soul: "The Golden Age is already here."

The Christ Light of the Golden Age is spreading within you. Let go of everything old. Just leave the old burdens, the backpack of the millennia behind you and leap forward in trust, in confidence, into the Christ Consciousness of the New Age. All lethargy falls away from you, for I, Jesus Sananda, bring the spirit of new beginnings into your heart: "Come soul, lift yourself up and stride forward, for the Golden Age is already here."


Complete Channelling

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