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Octagon Pendant

Crystal Water of the Holy Spirit
Flow of Light for the Aura


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High quality, finely polished, faceted glass with AB coating,
comes with bail for hanging

Crystalline energization and initiation

Diameter: 3/4 in. / 18 mm    Depth: 1/4 in. / 7 mm


  • Delving into the pristine water of the Holy Spirit
  • Drinking from the purest source
  • Going with the flow of life – being in the flow
  • Letting everything go and entrusting it to the flow of the Holy Spirit
  • Optimal alignment of the chakras
  • Integration and fusion of the chakra system – the Unified Chakra System
  • Purity and purification, clarity, knowledge, revitalisation, refreshment of the Chakra Flowers
  • The crystalline Light Body
  • The crystalline Chakra System

The purest Crystal Light of God floods and permeates you – it re-awakens the memory of your divine origin: "Cells remember! Spirit remember! Soul remember! Remember you were created out of purest love and purest, divine Primordial Light." The pristine water of the Holy Spirit flows through you. You and your whole chakra system are perfectly aligned and unified. You are connected with the Holy Spirit and drink from the purest source: wisdom, knowledge, clarity, purity.



The Crystal Water Octagons can be put on any charka or you may take one Octagon in each hand – then it will flow through your hand chakras into all meridians and other chakras.

You may also place one Octagon on the Root Chakra and another one on the Crown Chakra (above your head) and meditate in a lying position – all chakras will be permeated and aligned, the optimal flow will be activated.



by Archangel Metatron:

These Octagons, these Light Crystals transport the Crystal Water of the Holy Spirit from the Highest Source into your aura, into the here and now, into your consciousness. You shall gain purity, knowledge, clarity, revitalisation, refreshment, renewal and rejuvenation. You may drink from the source of the Holy Spirit rising in our dimensions and pouring forth throughout the whole universe.

In the river of this Crystal Water you feel light, safe, wrapped in angel's wings, softly and gently uplifted. You can let everything go, yes, you can entrust everything to this river and regain clarity in your life. Loving Crystal Angels accompany your soul and connect it with the light of the higher realm, prepare it for the process of awareness and ascension, and gradually interweave it into the higher levels of consciousness ...

It is so beautiful for us angels to behold your Chakra Flowers – how they blossom into their full magnificence and splendour. The awakening soul is so beautiful behold. Infinite beauty, colourful splendour and glory – the scent, sound and colour emanating from it, the radiance filling everything. The beauty of such a soul attracts all helpers from heaven, all powers of light.


Complete Channelling


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