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Elf Pearls

Heavenly Magic in Nature
for Earth Healing and Water Energization


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1 set of Elf Pearls contains
13 emerald green glass pearls in a velvet pouch

Crystalline energization and initiation

Diameter:  5/8 in.  /  17 mm per marble


  • Key to the Elf and Fairy Kingdom, its magic and enchantment
  • The energy and magic of the elves and fairies are transferred to people, animals, the whole creation
  • You are accompanied by elves and fairies
  • The healing power of the kingdom of nature lies at your feet
  • Intensify your connection to the kingdom of nature
  • All materials coming from nature regain their original energy
  • Elves and fairies communicate with the consciousness of your organs
  • Connect you with the Rainbow Sphere and Mother Mary, and stabilize it

Create an Elf Pearl Circle in nature and experience elves and fairies bringing us the magic and enchantment of their kingdom – this magic expands to creation and our aura. They direct the Powers of Creation to the kingdom of nature, and the elements and elemental beings will comply. They know the divine plan for each plant and send light, love and energy to nature and to us. Mother Mary and the angels bless us and connect us, the whole creation, with the harmony of the Rainbow Sphere. Put the Elf Pearls in nature and conduct an initiation or a mediation.

Babaji, the enlightened Master, says: "Every Elf Pearl contains the thousand-year-old wisdom of an Elf King."



Make a circle of Elf Pearls and sink them into the ground in your garden, in the forest etc. Make a diameter of around 13 - 50 ft. / 4 - 15 m with 8 pearls + 1 pearl in the middle of the circle. You can also put one single Elf Pearl near trees, bushes or in flower pots – or put it in ponds, rivers or lakes.

The Elf Pearls are excellent for energizing drinking water (just put 1 pearl for approx. 5 – 10 minutes in your water). Animals are also very grateful.



by Mother Mary:

You may call these Elf Pearls "Heavenly Magic in Nature", as the heavenly enchantment will rest on these gardens and flood entire landscapes and regions with divine magic. The Rainbow Sphere touches the Earth, kisses Earth and radiates its vibration, its fragrance, yes, its enchantment is like divine magic.

The angels of the Rainbow Sphere dwell there, and they are the bearers of the divine information which has been inherent in the entire material creation since the beginning of this Earth, since the beginning of the galaxy. They transfer this information to the Guardians of Nature, to the elves, fairies, dwarfs in their environment and various kingdoms to the water elves, forest elves, the elves of the air and mountains, the elves of the lakes, plants and herbs, flowers and trees. All these different kinds of kingdoms have guarded, tendered, flourished and grown creation over thousands of years – they have transferred the seed from one country to another, from one place to another, so that this splendor may thrive, flourish and grow everywhere. The great variety of creation is such a delightful joy.


Complete Channeling


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Create Light Portals as Power Points in Nature
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