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Dolphin Pendant mini

Light Devas protect Animals and Plants


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Beautiful glass rondelle and one sky blue glass dolphin,
with 2 drilled holes for fixing

Crystalline energization and initiation

Diameter: 3/4 in. / 20 mm   Depth: 3/16 in. / 5 mm


  • Dolphin energy – Unicorn energy – Pegasus energy
  • The power of regeneration within nature
  • Protects animals
  • Excellent for animals and plants
  • Harmony, mutual understanding and communication between animals and their owners
  • All animals are accompanied, harmonized and guided by a divine nature deva
  • The animal's personality evolves in an enlightening and holistic way
  • Plants will also be taken care of by the nature devas

The unicorn "Sarai-Ala", a supreme nature deva from the Rainbow Sphere connects you with the Primordial Ray of fauna and flora. Animals are accompanied by enlightened nature devas, they will be harmonized, guided and cleansed from negative extraneous energies – the same also goes for plants. The animal's personality evolves. It opens your awareness for the love to animals. Animals remember their true nature and abilities – they will be included in the evolution.



The pendant can be hung up in sleeping places for animals or directly fixed to the collar. It is excellent for energetic work with animals.

Wonderful for all pets, but also for stables (horses, cattle, etc. ...).

Furthermore, it serves the garden or it can be put to special plants.



by the Unicorn Deva "Sarai-Ala":

There is a key from me in each of these small crystals:
The communication, the gateway to the understanding between humans and creation!

By hanging it up in your home, you will have more understanding, yes, you will keep a gateway open within you to communicate. When an animal wears it, it will always be lovingly accompanied by a nature deva. And when the nature deva realizes that this animal carries extraneous energies, and that it needs the energies of the angels from the order of Michael, this deva will call upon the beloved Archangel Michael. Thus, the animal will be cleansed and freed from dark energies. It will always be lovingly accompanied ...

And we, the Unicorns, also find our way back to this Planet Earth. Our divine gift is:
The gate to the world of the Unicorns. We stand for the eternal cycle: The eternal, renewing and rejuvenating cycle – the return, regeneration and rejuvenation ...

We, the Unicorns, elucidate the entire nature how best to return to this wonderful, harmonious cycle. We tell it all nature devas in order to restore the perfect harmony, to come full circle, to unite everything in a wonderful, joyful, charming dance of life. And there is nothing too much or too little, as one gives a helping hand to the other! Everything is connected with each other!


Complete Channeling


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