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Merkaba Activation with Metatron in the Diamond Light Frequency
Activate your Merkaba with archangels and ascended beings into the diamond light frequency

Saturday April 1-2, 2023


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Litios Merkaba Seminar 1



Merkaba Activation with Metatron

in the Diamond Light Frequency

Raise your Merkaba into the Diamond Light Frequency

of the Archangels and Ascended Beings 


This is a new advanced Litios seminar that was given to
Litios founder Antje Kyria Deva recently and is being offered for the first time.

It is for those who have an activated Merkaba and now wish to bring
their Merkaba to the next level into the diamond light frequency. 


engelSeminar Content

  • metatron cube 03Welcome meditation: Create a Merkaba light temple and cleanse your Merkaba light vehicle.
  • Raise the light vibration in your areas of life (work, family etc.) with the energy of the Merkaba of Ascension
  • Meditation with the Merkaba Sphere diamond: raise your entire Merkaba into the diamond light frequency of the Ascended and Enlightened Ones
  • Meditation with Metatron and Ascended Masters of the OM: The Merkaba and the OM
  • The Merkaba anchors you deeply in your divine I AM. You are at rest in your inner divine space.
  • The Cube of Metatron activates the divine order in your Merkaba and stabilizes your entire light body.
  • Ascended and Enlightened Beings raise your Merkaba into the diamond light frequency, which is the master frequency.
  • Find out which light beings individually guide and accompany you in this light process. They will also be at your side after the seminar as personal light helpers, if you wish so.
  • Raise the light frequency of your Merkaba and your entire light body into the solar light consciousness.
  • Initiation meditations into the Merkaba Sphere diamond, into the Merkaba of Ascension, into the Golden Ashtar Pendant and into the Metatron's Cube Pendant.

    With this initiation, the Golden Ashtar Pendant and the Metatron's Cube Pendant can be acquired after the seminar registration.


engelSeminar Details:

Date  Saturday-Sunday, April 1-2, 2023
Time  Daily 8:00am - ca. 4:00pm EST
Location Online
Seminar Costs
$494 (incl. taxes, handouts & MP3 meditations)

Seminar Leaders

 Antje and Edwin Eisele - Litios Founders
 Ursula and Peter Schnell - Litios Canada (translation)
    EA and PU side by side



1 day for repeaters

 More info about the Merkaba Activation Intensive Workshop


Technical requirements:

You need 2 internet communication devices (eg. laptop and tablet/cellphone) to support the Webinar - one for the original with Antje and Edwin and one for the live translation with Peter and Ursula. Laptop should have quality webcam, speakers and microphone

Access links for the webinar and zoom meeting will be sent by email shortly before the seminar


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 A video message from the Litios Founders to inspire you

engelAngel Medium Antje Kyria Deva describes more about this seminar

Litios Merkaba Seminar square 1This seminar is requested by Lightlord Metatron and the Light Hierarchies. Experience two days in which you permanently activate your Merkaba and raise its light vibration.

Higher light vibration means: light-filled beings surround and accompany you. You have light-filled thoughts and feelings that make you happier and align you more clearly. Even your cells increase their light vibration...

You will be guided by many high vibrating light beings. Together with you, they activate your Merkaba and raise it to the diamond light frequency. They transfer the light vibration of their own Merkaba to you. Your light frequency increases with each meditation and your radiance intensifies.

In the current time of great change there is much confusion and conflicting energies radiating onto our light bodies. It takes great inner stability. Aligning oneself again and again with the Source of Light is of utmost importance.

Scientists report a decreasing magnetic field. Therefore, it is now even more important to activate your own electromagnetic body and your entire light field radiantly and powerfully. In this way you create your own divine sphere and anchor it in all areas of your life.

The activated Merkaba creates a powerful divine vibrating light space around you. This has the effect that you are protected and can rest in your inner being, in your "I Am".

The more radiantly and powerfully your Merkaba vibrates, the less issues from the outside world will affect or oppress you.

  • You are protected and sheltered in your own divine sphere.
  • You rise above the low vibrational energies of the present time.
  • You can independently increase your light frequency and thereby withdraw yourself.
  • You activate your potential as a light creator of your life and you go into self-empowerment.

Rise now into your personal Golden Age!


Metatron says 2 

engelWhat you will experience:Litios seminar Metatrons Cube

  • Intensive light and redemption work with your Merkaba Light Vehicle
  • Exercises and practical applications for your daily life
  • You will experience in meditations how angels and ascended masters work powerfully and beneficially for your Merkaba and for your current issues.
  • Deep activation meditations for your Merkaba to stabilise your light body and thus your entire life situation
  • Meditations with Lightlord Metatron, Jesus Sananda, Adonai Ashtar with the Solar Light Beings and many other Light Beings


You will experience many practical exercises that you can independently integrate into your life after the seminar. This concerns, for example, your areas of life, which you can raise to a higher frequency of light and thereby actively ignite your most light-filled soul plan.

The process will continue after the seminar. Your light frequency will continue to increase or stabilize and establish itself in a higher frequency in your life.


engelMeditations & Gifts of Light

  • Profound redemption meditations for your entire Merkaba and your different areas of life (e.g. family and relationships, job, body, spiritual).
  • There are exercises, meditations and channelings with angels and ascended masters for all core topics.
  • Initiations into these light diamonds: Merkaba Sphere diamond, Merkaba of Ascension, Golden Ashtar Medallion and Cube of Metatron Medallion.
  • A prayer to create a protected light space and Merkaba activation that you can repeat at home at any time.

In addition, you will receive...

  • Detailed documentation for all topics and exercises, so that you can repeat and deepen them at home
  • All meditations as MP3 downloads, so that you can also an intensive meditation experience at home


engelThis seminar is ideal for you ...Litios Merkaba Seminar innerlight

... if you have already activated your Merkaba and now want to take the next step in your evolution

... if you want to bring more light, clarity and stability into your life

... if you want to increase your light vibration and thereby remain stable and aligned in your light presence

... if you want to actively work to fill your life more and more with light

... if you want to learn how to raise your light frequency to the master level

... if you want to obtain the help and blessing of heaven for yourself, your loved ones and your whole life.


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engelTechnical Disclaimer

You will receive all access codes for this seminar via email after successful registrations. No Refund for missed events. It is the responsibility of the attendee to obtain accessibility to this online seminar. The organizers are not responsible for online technical issues due to attendee internet or device limitations. Although every effort will be made to communicate the logistics of this online seminar to attendees, No Refunds will be offered due to missed emails or missed communications (check your spam folders).



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