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The Crystal Within

CD + MP3
Peter Schnell



Description and Content

The Crystal Within is a 33 minute continuous musical piece combining synthesizer and nature sounds. The music can assist you in relaxing or meditating more deeply and the music has often been associated with the energy of crystals.

Comes with a link to download the MP3 version after purchase.

Listen to a SAMPLE here:


This CD has the following songs:

1   The Crystal Within   31:50
2   The Crystal Within - remastered   31:50
    Total playing time   63:40


"Originally when the idea came up to "record something" in the summer of 1988, we had no specific intentions other than to create "something". The three days of recording went by effortlessly, everything seemed to flow and gel together and much humour and laughter occurred throughout. We liked what we heard and were content to leave it at that.  It was only after hearing the surprizing feedback from others who listened to it during the months that followed, that we began to truly appreciate that "something" very special had indeed been created.  In retrospect, there was an energy that wanted to be expressed, we chose to express it musically, it came very much from the heart and soul and it would seem that we were not alone during its creation.

So from all of us to all of you, we share this with you."


Track 1:

Digitally recorded (Track 1) at Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada, Aug 23-26, 1988
Music created and played by Peter Schnell
Engineering, mastering and co-creation by Peter Gross
Music played on Roland D50 and various samples over Midi Keyboard
Bird sounds courtesy of nature.

Track 2:

Remastered in Novasonic Studios, Reutlingen, Deutschland, Dezember 2002
Big thanks to PG, it was definitely a "we" creation.


"The Crystal Within" and music is copyright© Peter Schnell.




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