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Lotus of Mother Earth

Lightlord Metatron

channelled by Kyria Deva


Beloved, this is Metatron with the heart of the primordial Goddess.

Out of the love of the primordial Goddess emerged the stars, the planets, the worlds and galaxies. From out of her heart, you yourselves came forth and out of her womb emerged the Lotus of Mother Earth – a blossom in the Divine Garden that was planted in the Universe in which all the primordial creative information for this planet was contained.

It is the primordial crystal form of this planet, the primordial light form and this Lotus constantly passes on this primordial light information from the most internal, the centre of the Earth, through divine pulsations. The alpha and omega of the evolution is engraved in this Lotus, and the Divine Consciousness Gaia, the Earth Goddess, is constantly following this evolutionary path. This Lotus of Mother Earth is extremely fruitful and this Lotus incessantly receives the spiritual divine seeds, draws it magnetically to her out of the Source of all Being – and so creation is called forth. She receives the Divine Seeds, the primordial information of the whole Creation, all of Earth's creation arises in infinite variety through evolution. Lady Gaia, Mother Earth, is unique, wonderful and irresistibly beautiful through her individual imprinting of her Divinity.

She draws not only the spiritual Divine Seeds to her but also the consciousness, the beings that feel drawn to her, as in a rush of her divine magic, from her magical scent. The longing of these souls is to take on form on this Earth and to play on this Earth, to further develop themselves, to experience their divinity on this earthy playing field of endless possibilities and in every moment the possibilities are endless.

The crystal clear Lotus grows out of the heart, up out of the Throne Room of the Earth and unfolds itself in your Root Chakra, rises and unfolds itself in your entire Prana Tube, in your entire consciousness and creates all possibilities of earthly manifestation available. Merge with this crystal clear Lotus and be in harmony with the entire earthly creation, in the joy of receiving and manifesting, in the unfolding of the bountiful expression of the Holy Spirit of the entire universe. This is why it is possible at every moment to create everything anew when connected with infinity and eternity.

This divine Lotus of Mother Earth is able to help you take all disharmonies that you have experienced over time and space on this Earth and bring them into harmony, to transform them, to release them and bring you back on your pure divine path that so captivated you and attracted you at the beginning to the Earth and touched your Soul so deeply. And so the divinity of Mother Earth touches you once again and through this deep connection and merger, you are ignited to take the next step in your evolution within you and on the Earth. For only in this deep love and having been touched can you truly transform everything and create anew, discover and manifest anew.

Breathe in deeply the Divineness of Mother Earth. You can wonderfully unify and merge yourself, regardless of what you have experienced beforehand, all karma is swept away, the pain and sadness no longer exist. Mother Earth leads you back to the joy of your first encounter, in her divine pulsation. For this Lotus pulses constantly and radiates a divine magic – the attractive force and the power of new creation are within her. New life is constantly born, for this was the gift to Goddess Gaia from the womb of the primordial Goddess and was transplanted into her from the beginning of all being, before the primordial beginning of her divine birth.

You are one with the original beginning of the birth of Mother Earth and you feel the love to All-That-Is on her and within her – the unconditional divine love and the joy of new creation and new birth. Regardless of what man may destroy, he may never touch this divine power within her for steadfast new creation. She is always connected to the divine primordial space and continuously she raises herself again and renews everything from the bottom up.

She is following her path of evolution and now she has decided that a higher consciousness should be established on her, that her invitation and her magic should be aimed for higher, more lightful beings. Many Light Beings are following this call and so Mother Earth is beginning a new cycle of creation – it was ushered in by the Holy Spirit, was decided out of the primordial Heart of God, for Mother Earth longed to be back in the lightful spheres and so her ascension will occur.

This Light Crystal Sphere is the key to the Throne Room of Mother Earth, to her creative power and love. You will be encompassed by this pure divine Lotus, will be deeply touched and be able to see the beauty of All-That-Is in the entire creation on this planet. You may connect deeper, feel deeper into the divine consciousness of every living being. Some are even able to speak to minerals, to plants or animals. It opens up new spaces of consciousness and love to you, allowing you to walk upon this Earth with greater joy, delight and new awareness, allow you to experience new spaces of perception and as such greater love in your life here, enabling you to transform and master everything.

Take this love with you to everything you wish to undertake in this lifetime for then you will be able to achieve it much better, more powerfully, each step will be with more joy when you place in it the love of the Earth Goddess and the love of the Primordial Goddess, for both are in this Lotus – the origin out of the Primordial Goddess and the Divinity of Mother Earth. And so it is.

Many are missing this deep, inner, heart magnetism to the Heart of Mother Earth. It was lost over the course of time when humanity lost themselves in the outside world. This magnetic connection is a divine prerequisite - the perception of this deep magnetic connection - to be able to lead a joyful, fulfilled and harmonious life and to discover new meaning for this life here and now.

So this key can be very helpful for all people, either for those who are spiritually aloof or have stored too much sadness or experienced cruelty on this earth. The aim is to master and overcome these through love, and so it is.

It is helpful to transform heavy karma, everything that has accumulated on this Earth over time and space through separation, through externalization, through battles and violence. It is helpful to find confidence once again. Also for people where nothing seems to work, who as a result are poorly grounded or for such souls that are new to the Earth, so that they feel comfortable and embraced.

It will spread this feeling of embracement, of being at the right place, it opens immediately the Root Chakra, expands it through the merging with the Lotus of Mother Earth and allows it to take hold in every place, immediate embracement and love, a feeling of home. It is ideal for all people who have never been allowed to have a feeling of home. It is always good when you change locations on this planet and need to place new roots – for any type of roots. Above all it is good for arriving in the first place and feel welcome and accepted.

If you have a feeling of acceptance here on the Earth, then it is most natural that the people around you will accept this as well.

The Lotus of Mother Earth speaks: My heartfelt welcome to you dear soul, I have said "yes" to you, my heart has said "yes", my Divinity. There is no one here who has a higher right. I have welcomed you and I have called you from heart to heart and I will go this path with you, these next steps of evolution and unfold myself to even higher joy.

Yes, this Lotus transforms itself into a higher octave that the Earth is moving into and so paves the way. And so it is.





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