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Dragon Pendant

Golden Master Dragons accompany you

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High quality, finely polished glass with "Light Dragon" in a genuine gold inlay,
comes with bail for hanging

Crystalline energization and initiation

Diameter: 1-1/4 in. / 3.3 cm   Depth: 3/16 in. / 4 mm

Available in 4 colours:
ruby red with golden Light Dragon
lime green golden Light Dragon
crystal clear with golden Light Dragon
dark green with golden Light Dragon


  • Dragons are higher Devas of Light connected with High Priest Melchisedek
  • Dragons are bringers of golden luck and transfer their power, strength, courage and self-confidence to you
  • Excellent grounding
  • Awakening of the Kundalini Power
  • Endow you with the power of creation and manifestation
  • Manifesting your ideas
  • Assist you in mastering our fears
  • Dragons are the guardians and regents of the elements
  • Releasing all karma that you have done to creation or experienced with elemental forces

They are the bearers of the living primordial Flame of Creation – the golden Master Dragons transfer their powerful and warming vibrations into your aura. They help you to overcome and master your deepest fears. They rekindle the Holy Flame in your Root Chakra and unleash the powers of creation and manifestation. Dragons are very strong protectors and esteem the pureness of yor heart – they are especially devoted to children as well as pure child-like souls and awaken this purity. Kids and teenagers love the strength and power of dragons – the Light Dragons transfer the energy of strength, courage and self-confidence



For wearing as a pendant in the aura, energy work, harmonizing and stabilizing chakras, powerful pendant for protection.

You may wear the Dragon Pendant, thus filling your aura with its powerful energy. You may also put it on one chakra during meditations or put it in front of you ... You will fill rooms with this energy by hanging the Dragon Pendant in a suitable place, e.g., over your bed, desk or working place.



from the Golden Master Dragons:

Glimmering at first, then softly rising, the fire is becoming increasingly clearer and is being set free. It is uniting with the Fire of the Holy Spirit, the purest Fire of Love from the heart of God and merging in your Heart Temple in the Flame of the I AM within your divine consciousness, thus creating a mighty Fire of Love burning everything – you may release all old impurities, all old dark experiences of the past into this fire, and we, the Dragons, will assist you. We transfer our abilities to guard, guide and reign the elements to you. We are the masters of the elements, and those who desire to befriend us shall be able to connect with all elements in harmony, so the natural forces shall not turn against him, but shall be with him. Everything you have created contrary to nature or done in the past shall be released and dissolved – this karma and everything you have tried to create contrary to the Divine in your self – shall also be consumed by this Fire of Love ...

The fire in your Root Chakra is uniting with God's Fire of Love – both flames flow into one another and will be powerfully kindled bringing forth new creation within you and through you. You begin creating your life anew – creating a new foundation underneath you, a new basis. Wherever you are, you may get everything in new order and you may form a whole new basis in the here and now.


Complete Channeling


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