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Unicorn Pendant

The Divine Matrix of the Unicorns

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High quality, finely polished glass with "Unicorn with stars" in a genuine gold inlay,
comes with bail for hanging

Crystalline energization and initiation

Diameter: 1-1/4 in. / 3.3 cm   Depth: 3/16 in. / 4 mm

Available in 4 colours:
gold with golden Unicorn
lime green golden Unicorn
aquamarine with golden Unicorn
violet with golden Unicorn


  • Unicorns are heavenly power animals and true companions in the light
  • They protect pure souls and fill your heart with highest purity
  • Unicorns allow your soul temple to radiate and blossom
  • They transform sadness into joy
  • They activate regeneration and rejuvenation
  • They infuse your cells with the power of the light of eternal life
  • They give you power of endurance, stamina and persistence for earthly projects
  • They give you the drive and power of an early spring bursting out
  • They soften hardened souls and awaken a fine sensitivity towards all of creation.

A powerful portal opens and thousands of Unicorn Devas flood your aura and spaces with their light out of the Rainbow Spheres. Their loving and gentle vibration brings you the rejuvenating energies of spring. They accompany you as a heavenly power animal. In this way you can recharge yourself and gather new strength. In their purity and wonderful vibration, your soul blossoms like a garden of paradise.



The Unicorn Pendant is wonderful to harmonize your chakras and therefore suitable to carry as a pendant for your aura. You can lay it on a chakra for meditating, especially on the heart, sacral and root charka. It is very good for energetically working with children and animals. You can also hang the pendant up in rooms and it will infuse that space with the light energy of the Unicorns.

Ideal for: harmony for the aura and rooms, illuminated guidance, protection and energy for children and animals, manifestation of personal and business projects, strengthening the aura.



from the Unicorn Devas and Lightlord Metatron:

The Unicorn Devas Speak:

We are the Unicorn Devas from the Rainbow Sphere, from the divine realms, from the Garden of Eden. Thousands and thousands of us flood this Earth with heavenly joy. Portals are opening up everywhere on this Earth allowing us, the Unicorns, to stream in and return in great heavenly joy. We come and flood everything down to the core of the Earth with heavenly scents, colours, essences, with our love, joy and the light from the heavenly gardens.

Lightlord Metatron speaks:

These Unicorns are beings of highest purity. They are more powerful then you can imagine. Just as your Earthly horses represent the strength of the Earth and boisterous wild living, the Unicorns are like the early spring breaking out, full of drive and power.
They help you to rejuvenate all with eternal life out of the heavenly dimensions. In this way, you receive the strength to follow your earthly path each and every day.
They come to those with an open heart to fill them with the purity and radiant strength of the heavens. They bestow upon your hearts the daily drive and motivation to powerfully fulfil your undertakings.
They open and expand your physical bodies to receive the light. They consider every cell a heavenly blossom and infuse them with their heavenly purity, immersed in eternal life.


Complete Channeling


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