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Light Portal of the Master Lords

Integration of your Light and Master Aspects
Light Key of the Chohans

Personal session for initiation is recommended


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High quality, finely polished, faceted glass
with a "Litios Angel" lasered in it.
Colour may vary slightly due to production tolerances.

Requires an Initiation

Diamond energization and initiation

Height: 6-7/8 in. / 17.5 cm   Width: 4-3/8 in. / 11.0 cm   Depth: 2-1/8 in. / 5.0 cm

Atlantis Blue


Experience Maha Chohan and the Master Lords!

  • Entry portal to the light temples of the Chohans
  • To be at one with the Master Lords of the divine colour rays: Maha Chohan, El Morya, Confucius, Lady Rowena, Serapis Bey, Master Hilarion, Lady Nada, Saint Germain, Lord Sananda, Lord Kuthumi, Lord Maitreya, Sanat Kumara, and many more
  • Entry portal into the light temples of the Enlightened Ones and the light cities of ascended cultures
  • The Chohans take you into their Light Academy
  • The Chohans guide, teach and lead you on your light path to mastership
  • Awakes and ignites in you your divine talents and abilities, the inheritance of God, that still lies hidden in your soul
  • Activates your true divine calling: the wave of grace of your divine calling streams in
  • The light power and authorities of the Master Lords are at your disposal
  • Integration of light and master aspects that you have already experienced here on Earth
  • Integration of higher light aspects, which the Chohans awaken in you
  • You can easily resolve karma, old matrices, entanglements, fears and traumas from the downfall of past cultures, eg. Atlantis, Lemuria

A mighty portal to the light dimension of the Chohans opens itself. The Master Lords come into your presence and make a light circle around you. They irradiate into you with their power of light and powers of authority. This awakens your true divine talents and abilities. Your divine calling activates itself. Now you are ready to follow the light path of your mastership.



Luminous guidance • deep meditation • aura harmonization • higher development of the light body • harmonious balancing of the energy bodies • strengthening the aura • Merkaba activation • freeing of external energies • karma transformation • transforming energetic blocks over time and space • house harmonization (ideal for meditation rooms, therapy rooms)



Maha Chohan and the Master Lords speak about the Light Portal in the Initiation Channelling

Beloved Ones, this is Maha Chohan, the Ascended and Enlightened One. I am the mighty Master Lord and I am connected with all Master Lords. The pure radiant power of the divine sun comes out of the primordial light spheres and, through the prism, breaks into the rainbow sphere as the divine colour spectrum. From there, we the Master Lords further guide the colour rays direct to humanity and the Earth.

We, the Master Lords of the divine colour rays, are enlightened beings. We have erected our brilliant light temple over the Earth and around the Earth. They radiate far out into the universe and are eternally connected with the source of God. Our light temples were erected close to the Earth in great love, because we achieved the ascension on this Earth and therefore love this humanity from deep within our hearts. At the same time, we are inhabitants of the golden cities of the Enlightened Ones.

Today we hand over to you the light keys to our light temples. You are invited to join in the circle of the Chohans and receive the light, the powers of authorities, the talents, the abilities and the keys to our light temples and light academies. This is a powerful light portal that allows you to directly enter the light dimension of we the Chohans, the mighty Lords of the divine radiant power. 





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