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Evolutionary Spiral diamond

The Higher Evolutionary Cycle
The Divine Inheritance



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High quality glass rod with 12 left-rotating engraved spirals.
The rod tip has a diagonal cut face.
The base includes a cylinder with a hole to allow for hanging.
The cylinder is gold plated stainless steel.

Diamond energization and initiation

Diameter: 1/4 in. / 7 mm
Length:  2-1/2 in. / 6.5 cm

  • Connects you with your primordial birth from the Heart of God, with the Alpha of your creation
  • Activates your original soul body, your primordial light body
  • Cleanses your universal & multidimensional soul light body from entanglements with the wheel of karma
  • Gives you back your divine inheritance, which are your talents and abilities that were given to you from the beginning.
  • The higher Light Councils effect a liberation out of the previous school of karma and the matrix of illusion - the chronicles are rewritten with golden letters.
  • The higher evolutionary cycle is activated in your universal light body over space and time, which means in all incarnations, dimensions, star systems, levels of being and existence with which you are interwoven.
  • Ignites the higher evolutionary cycle, the next octave of consciousness, in your chakra system and connects you with the primordial central suns.

Lightlord Metatron and the Archangels of the Divine Colour Rays ignite your light body with their divine colour rays and powers. The cosmic fire of love of the Archangels thoroughly liberates your universal chakra system from the imprisonment and illusion of the previous school of karma. At the same time the higher evolutionary cycle is ignited and your divine heritage is given back to you. Your path of light is clear and enlightened. The next octave of consciousness is activated.



Aura Pendant • higher development of the light body  • aura harmonization  • strengthening the aura  • karma transformation  • transformation of energetic blocks over time and space  • luminous guidance • deep meditations



Light Lord Metatron speaks about the Evolutionary Spiral diamond in the initiation channelling:

We Light Masters and Archangels were present at your primordial birth and will uncover the divine heritage within you again. Imagine that your soul body was originally a beautiful Flower of Life, studded with countless light crystals and diamonds. This original light body is multi-dimensional and will be returned back to you in the same radiant power as at the original birth, the Alpha of your creation. Thus the pure divine heritage is given back to you. The pure divine inheritance is the talents and abilities, the eternal life and grace out of which you were born.

The diamond Evolutionary Spiral essentially stands for getting out of the imprisonment in the wheel of karma. It represents entering into the higher evolutionary cycle and so ascending from dimension to dimension.

I initiate this Evolutionary Spiral in you so that you can rise up, move on, step out of the old cycle and ascend. In this way, the previous wheel of karma will be replace by this evolutionary spiral. At the same time you become interwoven with Alcyone, the central sun of the Pleiades. You will be integrated in the evolutionary cycle of the higher worlds of consciousness of the primordial central suns.


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