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Avatar Diamond golden

Golden Flame of Bliss


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High quality, finely cut,
faceted zirconia diamond in gold

Diamond energization and initiation

Diameter: 1 in.  /  25 mm


  • Being in connection with Lightlord Metatron and Lord Sananda
  • The key of Lord Sananda to the diamond sphere and to his heart diamond
  • Purest divine flow of grace
  • Releasing karma and karmic structures even death experiences
  • Dissolving the karmic energy matrix
  • Activates the golden Merkaba of Lord Sananda within you
  • Activates a golden matrix of light within you
  • Being the illuminated bearer of grace for the entire creation
  • Activates the holy golden Flame of Resurrection, Salvation and Bliss within you
  • Becoming the purest Divine Diamond
  • Awakens the Diamond Light Body

Lord Sananda, the Enlightened and Ascended Master, infuses your entire aura, your consciousness and energy field with his golden matrix of light and his golden Merkaba Light Vehicle. He activates the diamond energy of grace and salvation, the golden Flame of Bliss, within you. You will be the illuminated bearer of grace of the New Age for this creation.



You may put it on one chakra, underneath or in front of you during meditations. Take it in your hands and let the energy flow. Carry the diamond with you.



by Lord Sananda:

Beloved, this is Lord Sananda, your devoted Master of Hearts.

I am rekindling the Flame of Bliss in your hearts. Yes, this holy flame releases and burns all kinds of pain and suffering through time and space and light and energies of sorrow; all those issues that were especially connected with the mastership of my life, with devotion, with my sacrifice, with being a victim, with pain, imprisonment, torture and violation, with abandonment, with helplessness, with betrayal even by best friends, with all the deepest sufferings even the pain of death, the excruciating experience of death and the experience of being trapped in the deepest spheres. My Flame of Bliss helps to dissolve all these energy matrices, to redeem the through this Holy Fire ...

Hence these light diamonds are the Flame of Resurrection and Bliss from my heart. It is happening intensively, instantly, and with high light frequencies. It is the nature of light diamonds to open a mighty, vibrant, divine and versatile portal of light and to raise everything to this energy, to this higher light frequency of my divinity. It is the purest, divine frequency of grace. The energy of grace is embedded within all light diamonds.


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