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Golden Lotus Pendant

The Golden Lotus of the New Earth
The Golden Timeline of Mother Earth

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High quality, finely polished glass pendant with facets, with "Lotus" in a genuine gold inlay.
Comes with bail for hanging (gold plated pure silver 925)

Crystalline energization and initiation

Diameter: 1-1/4 in. / 3.3 cm   Depth: 3/16 in. / 4 mm 

Available in 2 different colours: crystal clear • opal white (colour may fluctuate)


  • The golden lotus of the new Earth is the key portal into the New Golden Age.
  • Activates the golden timeline of Mother Earth in your whole light body and being – this is the energy of the coming golden age that is already a reality in you now. You feel that you have already arrived on this new Earth.
  • Brings you a powerful golden grounding and anchors you to the frequency of the coming fifth dimensional Earth.
  • You are co-creator of the new Earth: your wishes and light-filled visions are woven into the matrix of the new Earth.
  • Accelerates the manifestation of your luminous thoughts
  • You can release entanglements with past dark time epochs, control systems and matrices; old experiences, heaviness and hardness flow away
  • Releases despair and trauma in the current time of collective transformation
  • Helps you to draw new strength and hope

The pendant is especially good for people who experience constant inner ups and downs. This can be for example due to difficult life circumstances or decisive strokes of fate. It helps you to balance your feelings and thoughts and to re-align yourself inwardly with the light.

Lightlord Metatron opens the light portal to the Golden Age in you and you enter the new Earth of the fifth dimension. You go through the time of transformation with ease, anchor and ground yourself in the energy of the new Earth.



Aura pendant • higher development of the light body • transformation of energetic blockages • energy flow in the aura • harmoniously balancing emotions • harmoniously balancing thoughts • grounding • manifesting private and business projects



Lightlord Metatron speaks about the Golden Lotus Pendant in a channelling

The Golden Lotus of the New Earth is the information, the Genesis Coding, of the New Earth. All the original codes of the creation of the fifth dimension are engraved in this Golden Lotus. They unfold in your light body, in every chakra, in every energy body and in the multidimensionality of your being.

The Golden Lotus brings you the golden timeline that was born out of the Heart of God and already exists.

Through you, the new Genesis Codes will then be brought to Earth, into manifested presence.

At the same time, you are being uplifted and tuned into the frequency of the new Earth. Your whole system is now vibrating to the frequency of perpetual and ever new joyful manifestation experiences.

This Lotus Pendant helps you to anchor the golden matrix of the new Earth within you and at the same time to already exist in it. It takes you out of the consciousness matrices of the old experiences and opens up the infinite luminous possibilities that the Holy Spirit gives to the new Earth. It is a manifestation field of the Golden Age. Because your soul has now matured, it can accept this with joy and ease.


Complete Channeling


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